Understanding Single Points of Failure With Photography

Over the years we’ve heard from countless people who have lost their photos. Usually it’s due to hard drive failure, but unfortunately there are tons of ways to lose your images. In this past year alone there have been multiple stories of photographers losing their life’s work due to hard drive theft. It usually takes loss […]

How To Prepare For A Photography Trip

In less than one week we will be getting on a plane to go to Brazil, to watch the end of World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. (!!!) But even though the trip is still a ways away, we’ve already been preparing for weeks, especially when it comes to the photography side of things. There’s not […]

How To Shoot RAW

Shooting in RAW mode gives you better files, and more flexibility with your post processing. A lot is said about how fantastic RAW mode is. In fact, here are 10 reasons why you should be shooting in RAW! I’ve actually petitioned the High Council of Photographers to change the name to Awesome mode. Waiting to hear back. […]

How To Create A Simple Photography Client Database

An incredibly valuable, but often overlooked, asset for any photography business is a client database. Early in your career you may find it easy to remember all the people you’ve worked with, but after a couple years the number grows and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone. Read More

Free Workflow Chart!!!!

Here’s the story. When we shared our Workflow Board, folks loved it! They went out to find their own, but were having a hard time. Seems like the manufacturer doesn’t sell the organizer board anymore. Bummer. Read More

Portrait Photography Workflow

A great workflow is a wonderful thing. It reduces stress and increases both your productivity and your client happiness. When we posted about our super simple workflow whiteboard a couple folks asked if we could share our own workflow. I figured I’d create a post about it so everyone could get the details! Read More

12 Essential Lightroom Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Workflow

 Adobe Lightroom has a ton of different keyboard shortcuts that will help you move through your editing workflow faster. Since there are so many shortcuts it can be difficult figuring out which ones are worth memorizing in order to save you the most time. Continue Reading →Adobe Lightroom has a ton of different keyboard shortcuts that will […]

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