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Fuji Instax Giveaway!!!!!

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed and a winner has been selected at random (using the random number generator at

Congrats to Kat Duncan who is the winner of a fun new Fuji Instax camera!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Feel free to continue leaving comments about who you would like to photograph.

Also checkout this followup post based on a lot of the answers people gave for the giveaway question

Just when you thought that was all…there’s more!! To promote the latest eBook we’re having a giveaway! We’re giving away one Fuji Instax 210 camera along with 2 cartridges of film. SWEET!! 

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How you can enter to win!

To enter to win just leave a comment on this post answering the following question

If you had the opportunity to photograph one person, past or present, who would it be and why?

We’ll close the giveaway Friday, December 2nd, at Midnight EST

The Fine Print

  • One Entry per person
  • Make sure to leave a valid e-mail address
  • Note: We will ship the camera anywhere in North America. If you live outside of North America you can still enter the contest, but instead of winning the camera and film you’ll receive an $80 gift certificate to Amazon.

What is the Fuji Instax?

The Instax is a super fun instant film camera. Kind of like a Polaroid camera but the film is a lot cheaper and the prints are wide format instead of square. It’s a magical experience watching the film developing your hands.

Here are a couple shots we took with an Instax on a trip to Peru.

Upload from November 23, 2011

Upload from November 23, 2011

Upload from November 23, 2011

Upload from November 23, 2011

Upload from November 23, 2011

Upload from November 23, 2011

Well friends, get going on all that fun stuff, and have a happy weekend!!

Rob + Lauren :)

Lauren Lim

Hey friend, I’m Lauren! I’m a photographer and head ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.


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  1. The first person that comes to mind is Abraham Lincoln. He was so interesting looking, and the more I hear about him, the more it seems he had a lot of inner dimension that people tend to skim over.

  2. I would like to photograph Ansel Adams, because he's such a huge inspiration to me.

  3. I would like to photograph Alexanger Graham Bell in his latter years. His flowing white beard and unruly hair and piercing, intelligent eyes, would present a challenge to any photographer.

  4. Christine S. says:

    Thanks for the great sale! I'd say my grandmother when she was in her 20s, she was a great beauty and I'd love to have seen it in person and also meet her at that age!

  5. Sue FitzGerad says:

    The person I would I would love to be able to photograph would be my dad. He passed away when I was only 15 so i dont have too many photos of him.

  6. Jesus. hands down. Such a controversial figure in our history and no 'real' visual lead into how he looked : )

  7. Perhaps it is a little cliché, but for me it would have to be Marilyn Monroe. As one of the worlds most photographed and beautiful women, she was clearly a tortured soul. I would love to be able to photograph the 'real' Marilyn and capture the essence of who she really was, not who she wanted everyone to think she was.

  8. Awesome! I have been thinking about buying this camera for a while! There are so many people who I could think of to photograph. I think I would want to photograph a famous actor or actress in their element and raw. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Rob and Lauren!

  9. Rather than one specific person, I would love to use this camera to photograph a group of people that does not have the means to purchase photographs or even have them taken. In my upcoming return to Malawi, Africa, I can imagine this camera being used to bring so much joy to people in small villages that have never seen so much as a mirror, let alone have a photograph of themselves or their family. In America, photos are commonplace and taken for granted. Having gone to Malawi last summer, I have a new appreciation for not only the art of photography, but the importance of photographs in leaving a legacy or even just a visual memory. The instantaneous nature would be perfect for capturing such a moment–I can see the smiles on their faces now!

  10. 2 people come to mind.

    Anne Frank. I started writing in a paper journal when I was 12, around the same age as when she started after I read her diary.

    Von Gogh preferably after he cut his ear to give to send to his prostitute lover. It's morbid I know but raw.

  11. If I could photograph one person, I'd probably pick my patron saint, Sophia of Thrace, because her life story is an inspiration to me.

  12. Chuck Norris. No explanation needed.

  13. I can count on one hand how many photos there are of my siblings and myself. I would give anything to have pictures of us as kids. Also, would love one more chance to take a good photo of my husband's mom before she passed away.

  14. Michael Messing says:

    If I could photograph one person, it would be Steve Jobs because his innovative ideas and drive to create the most exciting and best products in the world have pushed technology to levels that were not foreseen.

  15. Tracy Hoexter says:

    I would photograph my Mom. I only got my first good camera after she was gone. Would love to have some beautiful photos of her beautiful face and spirit.

  16. Pete LaMotte says:

    I wish I could have the opportunity to photograph my grandmother. She passed away when I was in my 20s before I was into photography. Miss her a great deal—she was the kindest person I have ever known. She was also so wise and supportive. She has influenced my life like no one else!

  17. Leonard Cohen. He is soulful and beautiful and I would love to capture that on film.

  18. One person….TOUGH call but I'd probably go with John F Kennedy. The Hank Walker photo of him and his brother Robert shot in silhouette is one of my all time favorites and one that first drew me to photography. Such a powerful image. I've always wondered what they were talking about.

  19. I would like to photography my great grandfather. He was a railway man and I think it would have been great to take photos of him in that context.

  20. I would love to have photograph Audrey Hepburn. She was a true beauty and had such grace and poise. Her sense of style was just perfect.
    Happy Thanks Giving

  21. Lindsay Hiller says:

    I actually have four people that come to mind when I think about people I would like to photograph. My grandparents. My mother's parents passed away before I was born and my dad's parents both passed away when I was fairly young. I don't have a lot of photos of them so I would love to go back in time and take some :)

  22. One person? hmm, tough choice. Maybe Jackie O? Or George S. Patton. Some larger than life character from that era.

  23. I would like to photograph Mother Teresa. Every line on her face tells a story. To pic her brain and shoot would be fantastic

  24. I would love to photograph my Oma. But she is gone now and we miss her. I'm sad that my children don't know her. To photograph her and have that lasting memory? Priceless!

  25. My best friend from childhood, who I haven't seen in maybe 15 years. It would be neat to see how much we've both changed!

  26. Zoey Deschanel with her big beautiful eyes or Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine

  27. sarah moore says:

    I would photograph my husbnad…because I am so intrigued by him.

  28. hmmm – i'd pick Jesus, because I imagine He would have very expressive eyes (knowing sorrow + knowing God).

  29. Just one person is so hard but I would have to say either of my Grandparents on my fathers side. They passed away before I was born and through various reasons (floods/moving/lost) there no pictures left of them in the family. I would love to be able to put a real face to the descriptions I have heard of them and to be able to share that with my family.

  30. Julia Lujan says:

    I would love to go back in time to document the birth of my father. There are no photos of him that exist before the age of 5. That sure would be something great to have.

  31. My father's father's father served in WWI and was mustard gassed overseas. He then returned home to work in the coal mines of Nova Scotia. He died when he was still a young man. I wish I could photograph him.

  32. I would love to photograph my mom who passed away of lung cancer 9 years ago. My 6 year old little boy never got to meet her and I have few photographs of her.ore than the visual memory since becoming a photographer I see people differently. I see them for who they are and I would love to have the experience of photographing my mom and seeing her for who she was as a woman not just as my mom.

  33. I would love to photograph my grandmother. She was a beautiful and amazing woman and I don't have many photographs of her around. The few I have seen when she was younger capture this mischievous look in her eyes. Would've been neat to know her back then and photograph her then.

    I would love to take a picture of my grandmother. She passed away when I was twelve. She was the most beautiful woman on the inside and out. I never saw her without a smile on her face, or an apron on. I wish I could know her now that I'm an adult.

  35. I would take a picture x-girlfriend. She is beautiful.

  36. The first name that popped into my head is Bono.

  37. thanks for this amazing contest and sales! :)

    one person to choose past and present is challenging. . but i would say my mom as a teen/young adult. . .she is such a gorgeous person inside and out, and i would love the chance to create images of the younger version of her. . a sort of vintage senior session! :)

  38. hm this is such a tough question! I'd say…my grandfather(s). I never had the chance to meet either of them so I think it would be neet to go back and photograph them.

  39. Either Elvis or Michael Jackson….for the money! ;)

  40. I would love to be able to go back and take an actual portrait of each of my grandparents. I don't have any actual portraits of them and it would mean so much to me, now that they are all passed on. ~ Thanks for so many wonderful opportunities this weekend!

  41. Assuming time travel is possible, I'd photograph a young Paul Anka at the Copacabana. I love concert photography and Paul Anka's music. I own the live record of his performance and I've seen Lonely Boy, which includes bits of his performance as well. The cover photos on the record definitely don't do his performance justice.

  42. I would photograph my father. He died before I really followed my love for photography and I wish I could have just one amazing portrait of him.

  43. My Oma when she was in her early twenties. I've only seen a few pictures of her from that time and she was gorgeous!

  44. I would totally photograph my grandparents. I don't have too many photos of them, and would love to capture them and their love for one another!

  45. I would love to have a great photograph of my grandmother. She passed away when my mom was only 16. We have all of about 5 pictures of her and most of them you can't really make out her face :( I know my mom would be thrilled to have a great portrait to remember her by

  46. I would take a picture of who im going to marry (is that creepy?), that way I'd know who it was once I saw him.

  47. I would take a picture of my grandfather because he was the one who loved me the most when i was so young. He also such an inspiration to me because he always gives me alot of advice when i visit him sometimes. However, now i barely visit him because we lived very far apart and i missed him. :)

  48. I would love to have photographed my grandmother… she passed away when i was only 9 and i remember her being one of the most beautiful ladies, but my family doesn't have many photographs of her.

  49. I would love to photography my mother in law. She passed away when my husband was 9 and I've heard so many wonderful things about her and she was rarely in photos…I'd take a million and share them with all of our family.

  50. I would love to photography my grandmother who I never had the chance to meet. I have seen a picture taken back in the 50's and she was beautiful and I have heard so many kind things about her!

  51. Natalie Portman- I think she is beautiful and fun!

  52. The person I would love to photograph the most is my son Morgan who we lost when he was 18 days old. We will be celebrating his and his identical twin brother's first birthday soon and as their mum I would do anything to be able to see them playing together and capturing photos of them enjoying their special day.

  53. I would choose my great grandmother. I never met her, but I have read many of her diaries and she was such an amazing woman.

  54. Chelsea Sayers says:

    Audrey Hepburn. She was classic beauty, style, and grace. Everything I hope to be.

  55. Fantastic giveaway!

    I would love to shoot a boudoir session for Amelia Earhart! She was such a strong, interesting and beautiful woman! It would be so much fun to capture the vulnerable, sensitive side of her.

  56. Shara Cochrane says:

    I would hands down photograph Jamie. My cousin that passed away of Leukemia. My heart hurts for him and i wish i had more pictures. Of him and of us together. Capture every memory. It is amazing how special those pictures are and can be.

  57. to photograph every war veteran, and tell their stories. what they've been through, what their dreams were, how the war affected them. the people they were and are.

  58. Dawn Merritt says:

    One person I would love to photograph is my mom when she was a younger woman… she was beautiful but no one helped her see that about herself. When I see a picture of her from her twenties and thirties, she is always holding a baby or a child as though we were the subject worth photographing… what I would want to show her is that her identity apart from us was worth capturing too. <3

  59. Rob Laurnoff says:

    The one person I'd want to photograph is my dad. He passed away when I was 16 and I can probably count on one hand the number of pictures I have of him. I'd love to have more photos of him

  60. My grandma with my kids. She was so fabulous and stylish – would have loved to see her playing with my children.

  61. Like others, I would love to have photographed my mother before she passed away when I was 20. She hated being in front of the camera and I have so few photos of her especially on her own. I would love to have shared her with my kids who never got to meet her.

  62. My mother and/or father as young children…not sure why the idea of them in those early years fascinates me. Possibly because I have only seen 1 or 2 photo's of them before their 20's and I feel I know so little about their childhood.

  63. first i love you talented two!
    crazy but i would like to photograph myself playing with my husband and babies… they are my answered prayers i love them so much i would just like to have 'real moment' photos of all of us together…i dont have many everyday moments of all of us since i am always behind the camera.

  64. My beloved Dad. He died suddenly 7 months ago. I remember suggesting taking his picture the last day we spent together, the day before he died. But he wasn't that comfortable in front of the camera and made a quick comment like 'why would you want to do that', and I didn't push it. We knew he was sick, just not how sick. Now it causes me pain daily that I don't have that one last photo of him.

  65. My grandparents. I wish I could go back and know what I do know about photography and capture more "real" moments of them, back the way I remember them when I was younger. I wish I had these photos today to show my children so they could see visual reminders of who these amazing people were, and how special they were to me…

  66. My husband as a child, before his mother became ill and died of breast cancer. May be the one time he was truly innocent and happy.

  67. I would love to have photographed Mother Theresa. She was such an insperational woman and you could see her wisdom, love, and true happiness in every wrinkle and cranny on her face.

  68. WOW. I have never considered this question. The odd thing, is that once I read it, the first person to come to mind was Anthony Hopkins. The man is such an amazing actor. I would love to photograph Mr Hopkins as he channeled the many characters that he has portrayed in films. I would be honored to capture his emotional range on film during an in-depth interview–assuming I could hold the camera steady in the awe of his presence.

  69. Hmmm…can they be fictional? Definitely Gandalf.
    If It has to be a real person, then some random caveman, that is as long as I was able to go back in time to do the session AND I was able to see a dinosaur or two…

  70. Hi Rob and Lauren,
    I would take pictures of my dad. I would love for the opportunity to have more pictures of him in family portraits, himself, vacation, etc. He passed away when I was 7. Would love to have more awesome memories in paper (and in my mind) to share.
    PS. You guys do fantastic job! So glad to have found your website! Thanks!!!!

  71. If I had the opportunity to photograph someone it would be my deceased Grandmother on my biological father's side of the famiy. She passed away when I was VERY little. My Mother tells me that family members in Mexico told her she was asking to see me right before she passed away. =(

    I would have loved to take portraits of her because I don't have any of her to this day. I've seen her in pictures but family are really protective about that stuff. I wish I could have taken pictures of MY own to share with MY daughter.

    That, for me, would be the most amazing thing ever.

  72. If I could photograph anyone, it would definitely be my grandmother. She passed away a couple of years ago, right before I started taking photography seriously, and I never got the chance to capture a really lovely moment with her. She always encouraged me to follow my dreams and I know she'd be proud of how far I've come.

  73. If I can photograph one person; past or present, it'd have to be Kat Von D! Her beauty makes me speechless, her skin tone, her style, and her tattoos would make an amazing shot and would be such a dream come true!

  74. Ally Nielsen says:

    marie antoinette.
    first person to come to mind. I really want to delve more into fashion/glamour/beauty photog and I think she would be THE person to do it. Versailles only though.

  75. I would have loved to photograph my Father he passed when I was very young. I have limited photos of him and the photos I have of him are prints or portraits and they are fading

  76. debra rice says:

    I would love to photograph my baby. I just had a miscarriage a couple months ago. I was due at the end of January. Not a day goes by that I don't dream of what he/she would of looked like.

  77. My Grandmother… she's been a ballet dancer her whole life. I would love to photograph her in her 20's, when she met my Grandfather. She's a beautiful person and we have a special bond. I think I'd also sneak a few photos of my Grandfather too… I'd love to capture that moment when they first met. My Grandfather has played trumpet his whole life. He's 85 years young and still plays all the time! :)

  78. If I could photograph anybody, I'd like to photograph my grandfather, as a young man and as the man I knew when I was small before he passed away. He had the kindest eyes and smile and the most interesting hands from a lifetime of carpentry.

  79. I would photograph my grandpa. I lost him too many years ago when I was young and I still think of him almost every day. He was the epitome of quiet, pensive intelligence with a dry sense of humour. One of my favourite pictures of all times is me running down a hill holding his hand. I just wish I had been able to take a photograph of him while he was alive. I miss him.

    Thanks for all you guys do. You give so much to the photography community but also give us opportunities to reflect. All the best.

  80. Hmmm, I would have to say my grandfather. He was the smartest, sweetest and gentlest man I have ever met. I wish I could go back in time to capture his face when he was asleep in his favorite chair, laughing with his 5 grandchildren, when he spoke of how he first met and knew he loved my grandmother, etc. Those are moments I wish I had captured.

  81. I would choose to photography my father. He lived a hard life and passed away before I got a chance to know him, even though I was 18 y/o when he died. Don't know much about him, and have only a handful of photos of him.

  82. I never had the chance to meet my grandmother so I would photograph her. She passed away when my mom was 19. She was beautiful from the pictures I have seen.
    Thanks for your generosity you guys! I really appreciate all you do.

  83. The person I have most regretted not photographing since my first SLR back in '92 is my grandma. She had fiery, red hair and insisted on wearing the makeup styles from the 40's up until her death a few years ago, think fire engine red lips, dark rouge, and thick mascara. She would have rocked the camera. I loved that feisty woman dearly.

  84. I would like to photograph my dad. He passed away 7 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. He had the most amazing smile. It lit up the whole room. Thanks.

  85. I would love to photograph my grandmother. She was such a beautiful person and passed away before I discovered my passion for photography.

  86. My dad when he was a teenager. Back then, they were so poor and couldn't afford to have any photo taken. The family history of how my dad's were brought up was missing. He did tell me some stories but you know, men doesn't talk too much. I would LOVE to be his photographer and take photos of him, especially during the time of the Cultural Revolution in China. He told us some horrible stories and incidents happened at that time but I could never visualize the terrible scene and how he and his siblings survived. He then moved to Hong Kong and there was where I was born. Now he is with me in Canada and he is so grateful that he can live with me here.

  87. i'd love to meet and photograph my great grandmother .. there are very few pictures of her, so to have those images would be priceless to me!

  88. I would love to photograph my great-grandmother. She had a profound impact on the woman and mother that my Mum turned out to be (amazing on both counts). In fact, if I could go back in time I would enjoy photographing them both together and trying to capture the strong connection they had.

  89. I would love to photograph my grandfather. He passed away before I fell in love with photography and I have very few pictures of him.

    Thanks so much for your generous sale – I can't wait to learn how to rock lightroom! (LOVE your site too!!)

  90. I would photograph my great grand parents and my grand parents. It's important to show/remind the current and future generations of their roots. As they get older and become interested in their roots, its may have already been too late as the links to their history is now gone. Photography today through smart phones, etc. has allowed everyone to record daily events but we have bits and pieces of the past. My kids are lucky to have their great grandparents alive so I am documenting as much as I can for them. =)

    Just purchases two tutorials and can't wait to start learning. Thanks so much!

  91. I would have loved to photograph Walt Disney. He was a man who loved art & photography as well. It would have been incredible to learn about what inspired him artistically and to capture the man who created a magical place that most of us have been photographed at.

  92. so simple ,i will pick a newbie fashion blogger to be my model first, cause i see the newbie fashion blogger is don't have any good photographer so will picked the true newbie fashion blogger to be my model and i will make her being famous, after that maybe when we are famous i can also being celebrities photographer. why i picked fashion blogger?
    in other sight i really love fashion and the other sight i really want to be a photographer also and the other sight again i'm addicted with baking a cake . so if i were photographer i can take a photograph from fashion blogger and also i can take the best quality photo of my cakes…

  93. banksy. Someone has to be the first.

  94. You guys and your giveaways! Amazing! And thanks for the book, it's perfect for my dad who's been asking these questions for awhile!

    Can it be a couple? I would love to have had the opportunity to photograph my mom's parents (my grandfather passed away a year before I was born and my grandmother when I was ten). There are a handful of portraits of them from their wedding and when they were young, but none when they were older.

  95. Aung San Suu Kyi winner of 1991 Nobel Peace Prize

    She has such an honest face, I would love to get to know her.

  96. If I would photography anyone… It would be my grandparents.
    Both my mother's and father's parents don't speak any english. Essentially I don't know them very well. It's great how you can connect with someone you're photographing… a connection I wish I had with my grandparents.

  97. William Henry Fox Talbot. To be able to photograph a person who was a pioneer in the field of photography would be a gift.

  98. Jeff Buckley, by all means. Besides being an amazing, soulful musician and having the most stunning voice, eyes and smile, it is said he was that type of person everyone instantly falls in love with. I'm just going to mention a quote by Nathan Larson about him that does it better: '"Jeff was music. He was the real thing, undiluted, ferocious. He was in direct communication with a spiritual place that a lot of artists can only theorize about. No-one came away from him unmoved. He was always loving, always the giver of hugs. He gave amazing back rubs. He would get down and roll around anybody's dog. He would play music anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. He would call you at 3:00am to tell you he loved you, or to sing whatever was on his mind. Or to talk like 'Colonel Klink' from "Hogan's Heroes"'

  99. I would most definitely choose to photography my grandmother. She was a huge inspiration to me as a child growing up. In the small farming town we grew up in she was the only one with a bold sense of fashion she would wear fancy hats, shoes, and dresses any day of the week just because she could. She is and always will be the strongest most confident person I know.

  100. Tough question… I would photograph my father as a young boy. Recently I realized we have (and I have seen) many photos of my mom as a young girl but we only have 1 or 2 any of my father prior to his and my mom's marriage. I would want to take this photo to see what he was looked like as a kid.

  101. I would love to photograph my Poppy. I was 7 when he died and I don't really remember too much about him except for his tattoos on him arm from the war. Most of the photos thatI did have, were lost in the floods earlier in the year. I would love to have a converstation with him and show him the person and the photographer that I have become.

  102. Not a very original answer, but I'd love to photograph my great-grandparents. they were Italian and must have been super cool :)

  103. Myself because my family says they never see any photos of me. The photographer's curse, I guess.

  104. rachaelmarie says:

    my grandfather….i miss him.

  105. I don't have a particular person in mind, but I would love to photograph people in a third world country. I went to mexico twice on a mission trips and I love the happiness on the faces of the children and also the struggle to survive on the faces of the parents.

  106. I hate having to pick one person. But I'd love to take a photo of my grandpa when he was a kid.

  107. It would be both grandpa's who also loved photography.

  108. It would be my grandfather. We have tons of pictures of him with us grandkids, but not many with this own children. He passed away when my dad was in his 30's and I am sure he would love to have some more memories.

  109. hummmmm…..michael jackson only bc i would have loved to meet him :)

  110. That's such a tough question. I would say I would keep photographing my husband and son. I can never have enough photos of them.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. Definitely my grandparents who are now deceased.

  112. Myself. Sounds so egotistical, I know…but I'd love to have pics to pass on my kids that are really and truly ME. I have so few of me at all…being the one behind the camera all the time.
    Thanks for your awesome posts – you guys rock! Maybe I'll have to take a trip out to AB so you can do a session of me and my family! ;)

  113. I'd photography Leo Tolstoy. I think it'd be an awesome experience, to capture someone who captured so much of the rest of the world in his writing.

  114. I would want to take photos of my great-grandmother. She lived in England and I only met her once when she was alive…she was such a spunky old bird that I know she would have been great in front of the camera. :o)

  115. From the past, I would have to say Martin Luther King, Jr. He had a vision for a reconciled society and a world put to right that many opposed. To take his photograph would be for me a way to commend him for his view of humanity.

    Currently, I recently met a man who has immigrated here (Illinois) from Bosnia, a country he says will never be the same. He fought in the wars during the mid-90's, after which he brought his family here to provide them a chance to live a different life. He is now divorced, homeless, and seeking work, and carries a story that you can see in his face. I'd like to take his photograph.

  116. I spend a week living with a family in Costa Rica before I was into photography. The only camera I had wasn't great, and the pictures are all dark and a little off. I'd love to be able to go back and document the trip better – the parents and kids I stayed with, the town, everything.

  117. Id photograph my grandpa. I never met him and he meant the world to my dad who lost his father too soon. Id give the images to my dad to cherish :)

  118. I have photos of my grandfather on my mom's side, but none that were taken by me before he passed away. I would love to be able to photograph my mom and her father together. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

  119. Michelle Lawlor says:

    This is going to sound funny in light of all of the very moving comments posted by other entrants, however I have to be honest with this answer. I'd love to be able to rewind the clock and photograph the late Amy Winehouse.

    I'm a music photographer and I didn't know much about Amy all these years. After her passing I finally discovered her music. I was (and still am) blown away by her honesty and her soul, and my goodness, that tremendous voice. She spoke to me in ways I can't explain. My heart just swelled up when listening to her music. I feel like I could have known her. She did things her way, always. Sure she was unconventional but look at the mark she made on music history. I really really admire that. I feel connected through her music, and not many artists can do that for me.

    She's made an indelible mark on my heart and I'm even sadder now because I really only discovered her after she'd already left us. Although her troubled personal life often spilled out for the media (which I cannot even begin to understand how painful that must've been for all involved), the more I learn about her the more I wish I'd had the chance to photograph her. If we had a chance to take some photos, we would have had an opportunity to talk. Maybe we could have become friends. Maybe. You just never know.

    I wish I'd had the chance to see her perform live and try to capture her essence with my photographs. And maybe, just maybe, I'd have had the chance to maybe make a tiny little difference in her life.

    I definitely learned something because of her: life is short, tomorrow is never guaranteed, and after all is said and done, when someone passes, all we have left are memories and photographs. It just makes what we do all the more special.

  120. I must admit, it was hard to pick a single person, but among them would definitely be my grandfather who passed away when my mother was a girl. The photographs we do have of him definitely emphasize his elegance, but I would love to have been able to capture the sense of humor I have heard so much about.

  121. I would be my father-in-law. He died of cancer last year. During the last weeks of his life (he was 91) he was in our home on hospice. I didn't take any pictures because he had gotten so frail and I didn't think we'd want to remember him that way. However, my children (11, 8 & 5 at the time) embraced this time with him. They snuggled with him, held his hand, kissed his cheeks etc. My 5 yr old moved out of her bedroom so he could have a private space of his own. Even though I will remember those days forever, I feel like the images in my mind are already fading. I know they will also fade for my children because they were so young. Their granddad was an amazing man and had a profound impact on all of our lives. I'm so sad that I didn't capture those last few weeks with him.

  122. I wish I could go back in time and take more photos of my dad and mom… Also all of my grade 9 friends because with time their faces are starting to fade from my brain… The names remain but the faces

  123. Malithi Fernando says:

    I would love to photograph my dad as a kid growing up. The stories of the antics he and his brother got into could fill a few novels, but there are no photos of their childhood. I don't know what he looked like as a child-though I can imagine a mischievous grin. It would be to follow him around and document their adventures!

  124. I would love to have photographed my parent's wedding day. They didn't get marry the conventional way. They got married during the Khmer Rouge back with a rifle to their head in the late 70's. My mom was from a middle class family and my dad was from a farming family. Their families were caught and imprisoned during the genocide. While there, their captors forced them to marry at gun point. From what they told me, they had a monk, also in camp, who did the blessing. They had to stay to together and be married for their entertainment. Since it was a legit monk, they were legally married. For most, it should be one of their happiest moment in life, for my parents well, I don't know. Sad, overwhelmed, pressured, scared, happy, blessed knowing at least they got married should the inevitable come? All of these emotions and reaction to be able to shuffle through and find an innocent, exposed, vulnerable moment would be something.

  125. I would photograph Abraham Lincoln. why? that face.

  126. Nicole Voth says:

    I wish I could photograph my Oma (grandmother) again. I miss her so much and I'm sad that my kids will never meet her.

  127. I would have loved to have been able to photograph Marilyn Monroe. She had to have been any photographers dream, always ready for a close-up, and so open to be documented. I first thought this way when I saw a whole TIME magazine done on her.

  128. Ugh. Hate to sound corny, so don't puke. I'd photograph my husband. He's currently serving in Afghanistan. The Internet is so slow that I haven't seen his face in real time in forever!

  129. If you had the opportunity to photograph one person, past or present, who would it be and why?:

    I would Photograph Marilyn Monroe because she’s gorgeous and inspirational

  130. I would take a picture of my mother to show her how beautiful she is. No photoshop. No filters. Just a real and raw photo.
    Good luck to the others!

  131. Nicole Johnson says:

    I would definitely photograph my grandmother, my mothers mother, Lola. She was an amazing woman. She devoted her entire life to raising 11 children, in what most people would consider horribly uncomfortable poverty. However she created an Image and believed In it of how living in an extremely small wooden 2 bedroom house raising 11 children in the country surrounded by farmland was a dream that no one could ever want to wake up from. She was the most strong willed and gentle hearted woman I ever met. She had beautiful thick long hair that fell past her waste line, but we would rarely see it down. I remember begging her to take it down for us and she finally would at night just to make her grandchildren smile but ofcourse roll it right back up into a bun right after. She loved to sing and she loved vintage dolls and I loved and adored that as a child. She died when I was 17 on my moms birthday so my children never was blessed with meeting her but I named my daughter Lola in her memory. Almost all her memorabilia was lost in a fire so finding a photo of her is rare. There was one of her holding me on the day of my baptism as an infant I remember having but as a child I removed it from our family album and have no recollection of where it could be today. I’d photograph her where she loved to be, at her home where she raised her family. I’d make her wear her hAir down although I know she would put up a fuss about untying it and letting it out of that bun but she would do it and she would smile about it because I know she could feel the adoration. I’d have her standing barefooted in the front yard with her old wooden house behind her, gravel under her toes, only farmland and some animals, and an old barn to be seen on either side… And ofcourse I’d have to include without a doubt my grandfathers old classic ford pick-up, and maybe even do some shots with her old vintage bicycle…oh and some with her on the tree swing too I believe….and even leaning up against the old wooden fence with peeling paint that needed repairs…I’d capture her in every angle and view I could, all inspired by the beauty of her being in her natural state with the old country surroundings where she lived out her dreams. I can see it so clearly! It would be so beautiful. I always loved incorporating the natural vintage country side of things in my photography and my grandmother is truly the one who originally has shown me how beautiful and perfect it is to be part of that and to this day these things always capture me. Wow. How sad I can’t actually do this session as I can picture it so perfectly. The house isn’t there anymore, nor are all of those same things, but maybe one day I can atleast go to that familiar area with my daughter, my baby Lola who is now living in her legacy, and I can do shots of her natural state, barefooted, in some vintage countryside scenes:) Oh, what an awesome thing! :-)

  132. I would love to photograph a president; before and after a term to see how they have aged due to stress. I think the difference would be amazing. Just the aging process would be able to show how much they have done in a short amount of time. Capturing that would be exhilarating.

  133. Elizabeth W says:

    I’d probably want to photograph my grandma that I wasn’t able to meet. I bet she’d make some beautiful photographs.

  134. Annabelle says:

    I would do my baby sister cause their 3 and 1. So they are always posing for cameras. Also I have always wanted to take pics,my mom thinks only my sister does. So by getting this I can prove to her that I like taking photos to.

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