How to create the perfect motion blur

We often get asked – how do you create those action photos where the background gives a strong sense of motion, and the subject is sharp and in motion.

“How did you do that??” is the usual astonished reaction to these kind of photos :)

Well, it’s easier than you think… but a little tricky.

That’s why we’re featuring this cool video tutorial by Photo All Stars that shows you exactly how to get that awesome motion effect!

This video lesson is taken from the newly launched Photo All Stars online course, that shows you all these behind-the-scenes tricks to getting perfect shots, in every situation – not just motion!

If you’re not 100% confident with your camera, this online course gives you the rare opportunity to finally master it, by getting all the “insider” knowledge of a Grand Master of Photography –

Peter Eastway. Author of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Landscape Photography and Better Photography Magazine, multi-award-winning photographer, and coveted educator of all things photography.

Did you enjoy the video and found it useful?

Then definitely check out the full Peter Eastway course below:

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