Get Inspired: Kandinsky and Days With My Father

Alright I have two really, really great sources of inspiration for you today. Read on and get creatively energized!

1. Kandinsky

The first thing I want to share with you is an artist that I’ve been studying lately. He was a Russian painter by the name of Wassily Kandinsky, credited with creating some of the first modern abstracts.

As I’m sure the case is with many abstract painters, it was super interesting to see the progression of the work he produced. Below is an example of his work titled Composition VII


After viewing that piece you may or may not be thinking “How is this applicable to photography?”.

There are a lot of photographers who give the advice to study the Old Masters (i.e.Rembrandt). Studying the Old Masters is incredibly useful in terms of posing and control of light, but I say why stop there! As photographers we need to be able to draw inspiration from many different forms of art.

What can we take away from Kandinsky? Composition, shapes, textures, gradients, lines, colors and how they are all organized (to name just a few). We live in a different world today, where all of these elements can easily be found (especially in the urban / suburban environment). It’s just a matter of taking notice.

I promise you that the more you view work by artists like Kandinsky, the more your world will change and give you new and exciting photographic opportunities :)

2. Days With My Father

I posted a link to this on twitter a while ago, but I deserves it’s own special mention in a blog post! Days With My Father is a project by Phillip Toledano. I really feel like I can’t say much about this project, instead it’s something that you need to go and experience yourself.



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  1. Thanks for the recommendation on Days with My Father. My wife and I were about to head to bed late at night and I clicked through to the link. We read all the post and sat and talked about it for a while. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing!

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