Introducing Backup or Die – a new eBook. Plus WIN an iPad mini!

Exciting news today, friends! We’re so happy to announce the launch of our newest eBook – Backup or Die: How To Keep Your Photos Safe!

Backup or Die: How To Keep Your Photos Safe

See, photographers put so much time and effort into creating wonderful images – but many don’t put enough time into keeping them safe. And we get it – backup isn’t the most thrilling topic, and the information that is out there can be pretty confusing.

But the problem is that hard drives aren’t as secure as many people think. In fact, they WILL FAIL at some point. They are just mechanical devices, and they wear out! And unless you have a good backup system, any photos you had on that drive will be lost.

Unfortunately, hard drive failure is just one way that you could lose your photos. There are other threats lurking in the shadows! Data corruption, theft, disaster (like a dragon burning your house down) and even simple human error (Uh oh, was I supposed to delete that?). The world is a scary place for photos!

So we’ve spent many, many hours thoroughly researching, testing, and putting together this resource – to help you easily create a backup system that is perfect for your needs!

And to ensure you enjoy the learning process, we’ve filled it with beautiful illustrations, and a fairy tale!! Yep, dragons and wizards. Backup can be fun!

We really appreciate you spending the time to take a peek, so we’re giving you a chance to WIN a free iPad mini! Woo!

So click here to head over to the Backup or Die page to check things out, enter the iPad giveaway and see how this eBook can help you keep your photos safe!


Hope you enjoy!


Rob & Lauren

Lauren Lim

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