Memory Card Reader Tips

A memory card reader is an inexpensive way to save yourself time, and make your life easier. Truly! They aren’t nearly as boring as they seem!

Indeed, picking a good memory card reader is important. But there are a few things to consider: speed, compatibility, cost, size. It can be hard to find one that satisfies all your deepest desire. Luckily for you, we found one that is spectacular! Or, really good at least!

So check out the video to get some tips on what to look for in a memory card reader, and then check out the one we’re using, and digging!

Here is the Kingston USB 3.0 Memory card reader shown in the video:

Now we wanna hear from you! What other photography accessories do you use that save you time? Have any memory card reader tips of your own?

Leave us a comment below! We love hearing what you’re using and enjoying!

Lauren Lim

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  1. I’ve been thinking recently I need to buy a card reader since I always just plug my camera in. Didn’t know it was so reasonably priced! Thanks.

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