Relaxing Sounds To Help You Focus

I’ve always had a bit of a need for constant noise. Silence stresses me out, which is just awfully weird, but there you have it.

So over the years I’ve gone from constantly watching TV shows while working, to audio books, to just music in an attempt to get more done in a day, but it was never quite perfect. Even music could be enough to prevent me from fully focusing on the task at hand. And if you’re not giving something your full attention, you’re not doing it to your highest level of productivity! Yeah!

I recently came across this website that simply plays a looping track of rain sounds. And I can’t get enough of it! Seriously, I have this track playing constantly. All day. And it’s incredible how much it has helped! It instantly relaxes me, and I’ve been able to focus so much more on the task I’m doing. The result? I’m getting much more done, and am feeling more relaxed and in control. Sweet!

It seems so simple, but it’s amazing. I definitely recommend trying it out when you’re finding it hard to concentrate, or feeling stressed or anxious.

And if you’d like to read more about using music to boost your productivity, this is a great post from one of my favourite blogs, Lifehacker.

What do you listen to/watch while you work? What helps you focus?

Lauren Lim

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  1. When I was in highschool I would always study with music on in the background. It really helped me! I could tell that I was completely focused on studying because when I'd take a break for a few minutes….I would have no clue which songs had just played.

  2. My choice of music while working pretty much depends on my current mood. I would listen to classical such as Rhapsody in Blue and change to Japanese Pop like Miss You by M-Flo. Classical music gives me the vibe that I'm working on some epic wedding assignments. Whee~!!

  3. Great suggestions guys! In University I listened to the soundtracks from the Harry Potter movies when I studied for every test. I played them over and over to the point where I actually started hearing the songs during the exams, haha! And Redza, Japanese pop sounds like a fun genre! Never listened, I'll definitely check it out!

  4. i dunno when i'm shooting i don't usually listen to any music unless i'm doing some specific project (right now i'm doing a colour study so i listen to a lot of weird ambient/noise music) .. but when i'm doing post it's rap or really bad r&b. think tony sweat, think r. kelly, think justin bieber…

  5. I've had it the same way with music for years. Now that I have small children in the appartment I rarely put music on while at the computer anymore (I think headphones are annoying). I've tried making rainymoods a permanent tab on my browser – that shouldn't wake up anybody. Thanks for sharing the white noise. :)

  6. i stumbled upon your website from allison’s website

    what a great website!!!am a hobbyist, (newbie), love the warm tone and vibe of this site!! =D

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