What You Need To Get Started With Photo Printing

Creating your own photographic prints is incredibly rewarding and efficient.

Early on we would waste so much time sending print orders to a professional lab and waiting for the prints to be shipped to us (or us have to go pick them up). By printing at home you can turn around print orders in a fraction of the time. And you’re also able to get better results (since you can make editing adjustments on the fly).

With a professional photo printer not only will you be able to do archival quality photo prints for clients (and for yourself), but you’ll also be able to on-demand print any business stationary you need. We print our own business cards now (which lets us to much smaller runs, update info much more easily, and print unique cards depending on what they’re needed for.

The range of papers available is also incredible – and so fun to experiment with.

I’ve put together a kit here of the printers, paper, and other print related gear that we use and recommend.

Head to the kit page here where it’s easier to read the descriptions I’ve written for everything.

The kit is also embedded below:

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  1. I understand that buying your own equipment saves money. But, in the meantime, if I wanted to use an online printing service, which one would you guys recommend? Thank you kindly

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