What You Need To Know About Camera Lens Filters Back to Basics

In this short video I give you a quick overview of 3 different types of filters (UV, Polarizing, and Neutral Density) and when to use them. I also show you how to find out what filter will fit your lens.


The Best quality UV filters I’ve used are Carl Zeiss T* UV filters.

You can also find more affordable multicoated UV filters.


For both polarizing filters and variable neutral density filters remember to get a filter large enough for the biggest lens you anticipate owning. 82mm is best but 77mm might be adequate depending on your system. You can then use step-up rings to use larger filters on your smaller lenses.



Step up rings are useful for using large circular polarizing and neutral density filters on smaller lenses.

When you’re buying a step up ring you’ll see the product listed as something like “67-77mm step up ring”. The first number is the size that ring will attached to a specific sized lens. So in this case the ring will attach to a lens with a 67mm filter thread. The second number is the size of filter that you can then attach to the ring (so in this case a 77mm filter can be attached to the ring).

You’ll need to by a different step up ring for the different size lenses you have.

Brass step up rings are better quality and more expensive, but I’ve found the aluminum ones work just fine.

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  1. Very well explained, I am waiting for it from long time……

  2. Kathryn J says:

    That’s really helpful, Rob, thank you for the clear tutorial. I just watched this and your lens cleaning video … so the lens pen is on the Amazon wishlist as well as the filters and the step-up rings! Thanks for helping me see the wood for the trees … I will definitely be avoiding the cheap filters after watching this. :)

  3. any recommendations for sony a6300 lens?

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