Peak Design Everyday Backpack Video Review

****Note: I’m so sorry about the focusing issues with this video! I’m a little bit out of my element shooting outside of our regular studio.***
You can learn more / buy the Peak Design Everyday Backpack directly from Peak Design here

Video Notes

I’ve been carrying around the Peak Design Everyday Backpack (20L model) for the past month and a half while we road trip throughout the Western United States.

Despite some of the short comings I discuss in the video, I’ve really fallen in love with this backpack.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Details
• Comes in two colors: Ash Gray and Charcoal
• Comes in two sizes: 20L and 30L ($260 and $290 )
• Backpack shown in video is the 20L versions
• Backpack is able to fit a camera system (camera and lenses), laptop and accessories

What I liked about the Peak Design Everyday Backpack
• Looks great
• Build quality and materials all feel fantastic
• Water resistant fabric and zippers (I’ve had it out in the rain and it works well!)
• The expandable top (with mag latch) is super functional
• Easy to access both sides of the backpack without taking it off
• Most straps tuck away behind magnetic closures – reduces dangling straps
• I love the three sturdy handles on each side of the bag

What I felt could be improved with the Backpack
• Difficult to put much stuff in the zippered interior side pockets and still get the bag to easily close (especially if the interior of the bag is loaded with camera gear)
• When a laptop is in the bag the sides of the laptop didn’t seem super protected. Let me clarify this: the laptop is well protected by the entire bag, it’s just that it seems like it’s a bit exposed in the interior of the bag (covered by a thin stretchy material). What this means is that you could easily bump it with a lens or camera.
• When the bag is loaded up with a full camera system, and a laptop it’s quite heavy.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed the smaller size of the 20L bag, but I’d love to compare it to the 30L to see how much bigger it actually is (it might not be much bigger / heavier – and the extra space would be nice)

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is the fact that the camera gear in the bag feels very well protected. The dividers are well padded, along with the interior compartments. (It’s a big upgrade from the knapsack I was carrying around at the beginning of our road trip)

If you’re interested in this bag you might also want to check out the Peak Design Everyday Tote bag. It’s a different design / form factor, but it looks like it offers similar functionality.

One final thing I want to bring attention to is a new corporate responsibility initiative from Peak Design called “Give A Shot”. Basically it’s a website that pairs creative talent with non-profit projects. It’s a great way for photographers to use their skills to do good.

You can learn more about Give A Shot here 

And check out Peak Design’s Mission here (I’m constant amazed by this company)

Special thanks to Peak Design for providing the backpack for this review.

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  1. Charles Putnam says:

    Did you take a look at the Peak Design Messenger bag as an alternative? Any thoughts?

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