Photography Valentines

Free Photography Valentines

Remember those little valentines that you’d give out as a kid?

How you’d go to the store and carefully consider the right theme to pick. What represents you better? Star Wars or Snoopy?

One of life’s greatest questions.

You’d gingerly tear them apart, and set aside all the best ones for your closest friends. You’d get out a pencil (or a pen if you were really confident) and get to work addressing them for the whole class.

Then finally it was Valentine’s Day. Oh how much fun it was to run around the room, screaming, shouting, giggling, as everyone was handing them out!

Good times.

Well now you can do it all again with these adorable photo-themed valentines! We’ve custom designed four way cool cards for you. Totally free.


So print them out. Write extra neatly on the back:

To You,

You’re awesome.

From Me!

Then run around screaming, shouting and giggling as you hand them out. Show your photo-friends that you’re super glad to know them.


Because the love of photography is a love worth sharing.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends,


The Ninjas of Photography Concentrate

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