What’s In Our Camera Bag

It’s always fun to take a peek behind the scenes and see what sort of equipment photographers are using. Well, maybe only photographers think that’s fun…Either way, we have a video for you! Hope you enjoy!!

Check out the video below as Lauren walks you through the gear you’ll find in our bag.

What’s In Our Camera Bag






Since we’ve switched mainly to shooting portraits our gear has changed a little. We don’t normally carry around flashes and we bring only one backup body with us instead of two. We also usually have rain umbrellas and various emergency kits that we keep in our car.

You can see we like to keep things pretty simple, but we could probably do with a lot less. Most of the stuff stays in the big bag, in the car and we just work with Shoot Sacs for our portrait sessions. The Shoot Sacs are useful for being able to carry around multiple lenses, and allowing us to change lenses quickly, but if you’re wearing one for longer periods of time it can start to hurt your back (make sure you switch shoulders thoughout the day, and take it off when you don’t need to have it on).

At first I thought about camera bags in a “what’s the best way possible to organize my gear” sort of way. After probably a dozen camera bags I realized it’s just a place to store your gear when you’re not using it! As long as it keeps the stuff inside it relatively safe I’m happy!

Your Turn!

What is one essential piece of equipment in your camera bag? Share with us in the comments now!

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  1. Because I often travel to countries with high humidity, the one accessory I always keep in my camera bag is the 1500D Peli Desiccant Silica Gel – it comes in the 2" x 4" reusable aluminum box. This item is advertised as it "drinks" dampness, prevents condensation from trapped air when cases are opened in damp, high humidity climates. Have never had any issues with humidity building up in my camera.

  2. I don't carry a lot on my person. My 5dii, my 24-70, my 50 and a handful of cards and spare battery. I am bare bones. However I keep one pocket with my air bulb blower and lens cleaning spray and cloth. Nothing worse that smudges on the lens and nothing to clean em with during a session.

  3. It's not really equipment, but I always keep a dry Swiffer wipe in my camera bag. Before I put down engagement/wedding rings for a macro shot, I'll give the surface a quick wipe. Editing dust is a pain!

  4. The Aussie 10c coin is an awesome tripod plate screwer-on-er-er. I've got them in all sorts of spots in my camera bags but I have to keep them separate so they don't jingle :-)
    Also, I just got a Kelly Moore B Hobo bag and I'm a little enamoured with it. It really is stealth, it just looks like a big handbag! And I've gotta agree with Vi, I keep the desiccant packs that come with shoes and bags and keep them in my camera bags for humidity busting too.

  5. D700, 35 1.4 G, 85 1.4 D. Simplicity is bliss. :D

  6. Lauren, you're adorable. :) Thanks for sharing, it was fun to see what you guys use!

  7. I'm a rebel, I shoot with a Canon Rebel and still have the nerve to admit it. He he.

  8. *@Vi:* What an awesome idea! I never thought about that, but that would be so useful when travelling. We'll definitely be picking one of those up next time we travel! Thanks!

    *@Michelle:* I like it! I'm always wanting to carry less, sounds like you have a great setup. And I agree, cleaning equipment is a must!

    *@Faye:* Oh that is a fantastic idea! Editing dust is SUCH a pain. Thanks for sharing :)

    *@Erin:* I'll have to take your word on the 10c coin ;) The Kelly Moore bags are really lovely, so good to hear that you are loving yours!

    *@Joshua:* You are on to something my friend. You never miss the 50mm?

    *@Allison:* Lol, thank you! :) Yeah we figured this was a good bit of fun.

    *@Maryanne:* Right on! I'm sure you rock that Rebel :)

  9. Got a small leather slingshot bag with a Lomo LC-A, Nikon FM2n, a few 35mm films, and a lot of change for commuting :)
    Love your video.

  10. Hi Lauren,
    What do you do in cold Canadian weather when light is scarce? Do you strictly shoot natural light? I notice you don't have a softbox or light stand.
    Terrific post.

  11. Hey Sunday! Yep, we are primarily natural light shooters! When light is scare we schedule our sessions earlier in the day to make sure we'll still getting lots. That sometimes means shooting at 4PM! Then in the summer it's more like 8PM. We haven't had much trouble as long as we pick a good time to shoot!

  12. Doonkey says:

    Hi all!! my gear:

    Manfrotto Bag

    1 Canon 5D Mk II with 24-70mm 2.8
    2 batteries
    5 memories 16gb each
    1 Canon speedlight Ex 580 II
    1 Youngno speedlight, dont remember the model but its exactly like the 580 ex II !
    1 Macbook pro 15"
    1 Portable HDD Verbatim 500gb

    looking forward to buy a new camera and a new lens…

    My problem is that i sold all my Nikon gear to buy the mark II !!! any suggestions?

  13. Re: 50mm: really don't miss it. I tend to prefer the 35 over a 50. One nice thing about going from 35 to 85 is each lens has a very specific job. I stick with the 35 unless I need to melt away a background or need a tele perspective.

    One area I have considered using a 50 is for family photos at weddings. The 35 has a little perspective distortion and the 85 is too tight. I'd probably get the 50 1.8 G.

  14. @Maryanne nothing wrong with rocking a Rebel! I used to have a Rebel XTi when I shot Canon. Took some of my favorite photos and won a regional comp with the XTi and the 18-55 IS. I miss the small size and light weight!

  15. Hi!!
    I’m a wedding photographer and I often contract second shooters to help me out… I ask for RAW images to be sent to me on disc following the event. Do you know if there is a portable solution that I can use to copy the files from their CF cards before we leave the event (aside from lugging my laptop with me to the wedding and copying them over)?

    Loving the new site by the way :)

    • I’ve had an Epson “device” for about 10 yrs that has CF & SD slots and about a 30GB storage capacity & a small display built in. Slip in the card, press a button and it would copy the card to the internal storage. I’m sure there are others in the market now with faster & high capacity solid state drives. In a pinch you could also use an iPad with an SD card adapter. Import all the images off the SD card and then use the Mac capture utility to grab them off your iPad.

  16. Lauren Ibana says:

    I keep an Australian 5 cent coin in my bag. It’s the right thickness to use as a screw driver to tighten the bracket on the underside of my camera before it gets mounted on the tripod.

    If you’re in Canada a dime is about the same size and thickness.

  17. Nice overview video, Just curious though – you didn’t mention what size your Macbook is that fits in the bag. (nor does Lowepro say what size fits on their website). Does it only fit a 13′ or will at full size Macbook 15 fit in there?

  18. Henk Bouma says:

    I’m thinking about starting my own photography business, I still have to learn a lot about the basics though. What would be a good book for me to start with ? It is overwhelming how many photography books there are. I’m looking for a book that covers the basics and maybe more.

    Thanks for all the info


  19. The 50mm f/1.4 is my go-to lens! I love it and wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

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