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A huge thanks to everyone who entered this contest and shared how they first became interested in photography. If you haven’t already done so take a second to read through some of the amazing comments.

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It’s the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! We may have enjoyed pizza instead of the traditional turkey, but we’re still super thankful for lots of things in our lives. A big one is for all you awesome folks who support this site. It’s been a blast getting to share and connect! We’ve had more fun with Photography Concentrate than we ever could have hoped for, and all because of you!

So, to say thanks, we’re having a “just because” giveaway!

The Details

We’re giving away a sweet white Casablanco Holga!!! And with a couple bonuses too! You’ll also snag the book, Holga: The World through a Plastic Lens plus we’re throwing in a roll of B&W and color film!!!!! Prize pack!!!

P.S. We like to think of this as the Star Wars Holga. ;)

Upload from October 10, 2011

How you can enter to win!

To enter to win leave a comment at the end of this post answering the following question:

What first got you interested in photography?

Since photography is such a personal journey, we’d love to hear what first drew you to it!

We’ll close the giveaway on Sunday, October 16th, 2011 at Midnight E.S.T.

One winner will be picked at random and notified by email.

The Fine Print

  • One entry per person
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  • Note: For this giveaway we’re going to limit entries to folks in Canada and the United States. Shipping any further than that will cost more than the camera itself. Don’t worry international friends, we’ll be doing more worldwide giveaways in the future! This is one we already have in our own hands, so it’s gotta be local.

What’s a Holga?

A Holga is a plastic medium format film camera (with a plastic lens!) reknowned for the unique images it produces. They’re a lot of fun to throw in your camera bag on vacation, and create something different!

Here are a few shots taken with our Holga on our recent vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Upload from October 10, 2011

Upload from October 10, 2011

Upload from October 10, 2011

Upload from October 10, 2011

Upload from October 10, 2011

So again, thanks guys. We really appreciate it. :)

P.S. Make sure you read through all the giveaway details! Canada + USA only this time around.

The question again is: What first got you interested in photography? 

 ****WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN. We’re contacting them by email. Thanks to everyone for participating!!****


Upload from August 24, 2011

Lauren Lim

Hey friend, I’m Lauren! I’m a photographer and head ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.


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  1. when i'm behind a camera i'm in a world of my own, every thing feels a little away and i can really think {almost like snorkeling :) } i just see the world for all it is…

    to view the world like that, what's not to love?

  2. I think the first time I can remember being interested in photography was when I was in elementary school and I read a newspaper article about how they were going to stop making Polaroids, and it included pictures of all these people who were Polaroid artists. That's when I started to think of it as an art form, rather than just a way to remember what people looked like way back when.

  3. What first got me interested in photography is the way I can manipulate what I see. I like to look at the world differently from everyone else, and photography helps me to capture all these great things I see.

  4. What first got me interested was the idea that a picture was what the person who shot it saw it as. You may see it differently than another but in reality it is just the same. Its how our minds read what the eyes are telling it and not everyone will read it the same way. The first ever picture I took on B&W Ilford film I remember seeing a shopping cart on the side of the road and I got that light bulb feeling. Everyone who's seen the picture asked me if I placed it there or thought about the picture before hand. I did neither of that and that is why I love photography. I can't write, can't sing, can't play an instrument. This is the way I express myself.

  5. Alessandro says:

    Everyone sees the world differently. Sometimes the differences are so small that we seem to see the same thing. Sometimes the differences are so great that there seems to be on a different planet. For this reason perhaps, as a child, I was more interested in a world in black and white compared to a world of color. To simplify and to bring out what I saw in a different way.

  6. Photography peeked my interest at the ripe age of 11. I was always so fascinated with being able to freeze a moment in time. Going to walmart to develop the prints? Forget it.. that was like Christmas! I received my first digital camera (1.3mp Fujifilm!) ten years ago and the rest is history!

  7. Photography peeked my interest at the ripe age of 11. I was always so fascinated with being able to freeze a moment in time. Going to walmart to develop the prints? Forget it.. that was like Christmas! I received my first digital camera (1.3mp Fujifilm!) ten years ago and the rest is history!

  8. What first got you interested in photography?

    I have been a visual person all my life, I try a lot of visual expressions, painting, drawing, even creating ceramic figures, even I choose computer since as my way to live I found 6 years ago that photography is what I love to do, even I only keep it as a serious hobby. Being able to capture the world as I see it using just a black box is something magic, I have learned a lot since I started, especially to take my time to appreciate all the details that a lot of people just don't see because the don't take their time.
    So getting interesting photos that nobody sees Is that I always found attractive. And to share what you have learned since we learn from a lot o people at least lets give back something as a way to say thank you.

  9. When i first became interested in photography would have to be in high school. Looking through magazine after magazine and seeing these creative, dramatic, photos of models and the emotion i felt looking at something dramatic. I actually wanted to be the one in front of the camera to convey those feeling for the photographer. After taking a photography class in high school i wanted so badly to re create the "drama" i saw in magazine ads.
    Not too mention i loved nature and was obsessed with trees (since i grew up in the desert) Though the passion was there i gave up, i thought i had amazing photographs and i remember my teacher would always say " these are all blurry" im like " no they arent" he was pretty hard on me and correct. I lost interest due to my immaturity and frustration… i never pursued that passion again up until three years ago from now and the passion came back and now i have automatic focus. hahah eat that Mr Gardner, naw just kidding he was trying to help!
    So im back in class at the community college at the age of 32 and i love my teachers critiques and respect them cause i know im only going to learn more from here on out….well thats my story and im sticking to it, thank you :)

  10. I got started after I snapped a picture that turned out amazing. It was of a little girl running on the beach with her arms spread like wings while the sun was setting. The sand was golden and sparkle and I fell in love with photography after that.

  11. StacyLynn says:

    My mother got me interested in photography at an early age. She loved capturing life and the world through her lens. Now that I am a mother as well I understand the importance and urgency of capturing an image before the moment has passed. There is very little in life that is more important than a memory.

  12. my love for photography was first inspired by the kids my mom use to watch at her home daycare. I was a young teenager, and loved photographing those kids. They taught me so much about how to capture all the wonderous range of emotion and love. Their parents also loved receiving prints of their kids as gifts, and thus began my vocation as a photographer.

  13. At the birth of my first daughter, I had a birth photographer present. The birth was a very hard experience but those pictures meant so much to me. I have a picture of the very first time I saw my daughter. That is priceless and by far my favorite picture. Since I saw that picture, I have wanted to do the same for other people.

  14. I've always been interested in photography but only recently delved into it more seriously. At a rather low point in life, I needed a creative means to express myself and see the world in a different light. Picking up a camera and pressing that shutter for just that fraction of a second makes me forget my worries.

  15. Firs off, Thanks for such a cool contest! I've always been a fan of this camera :)

    Second, my answer to this question would be:
    Since I was 6 or 7 years old, I have been fascinated by the concept of freezing the moments and keep the memory using a device called camera so then I started using one and every time we have a family gathering, I felt very responsible to document such great moments. It all then developed to who I am today and how I am in love with visual arts and documenting moments and memories as a wedding photographer.

    Khaled Mosli

  16. As a child I was already certain that I wanted to do something artistic for a career. I drew, painted, and created anything I could. When I was in high school I discovered photography. I loved it from day one. I realized that this was a way I could marry my love for creative things, with a business that could make me money. Thus the beginning of my career.

  17. I really first started getting into photography when my parents bought their first digital camera. It interested me that I could take photos and see the results right away rather than waiting for the film to be developed. From there I started taking photos of lots of different things and my photography really started to take off once I got my first DSLR.

  18. I was always a creative and visual person – even from childhood, I was always drawing, decorating, creating. But I never found my niche, you know? I loved it all, but nothing enough to pursue as a career. It wasn't until I discovered photography – the ability to be creative ALL the time – anytime, anywhere – and to capture things as I see them, that I finally felt I found myself. I've realized so much about who I am through the lens and the end result. I know now I'm a full-on creative, and that will never change, I will only become more immersed in it.

  19. I don't think there was one specific thing for me, but I always liked taking pictures, to capture what was going on and the people around me. My first overseas trip, I thought I took so many pictures–three rolls in three weeks! I did a term in AmeriCorps, and took about a roll a week–I was my team's unofficial photographer. :) After I'd been on flickr for a couple years, I started a 365 Days project in 2006, and haven't stopped yet! I've developed so much since then, and my absolute favorite thing still is capturing people, and I'm actually doing that now for a job, or at least part-time! :)
    I just picked up my film camera again this summer and have enjoyed playing with it. I'd love to get my hands on a Holga too!

  20. When I was 12 years old my step sister got an SLR for Christmas, and I fell in love. And I was insanely jealous of her, because I had an old Pentax and really wanted her shiny new Nikon!

  21. It may sound cliche but when I was a teenager I fell in love with Ansel Adams… well his photography, not him. ;) My aunt was a photographer and so I started asking questions and begging for my first camera. One Christmas I received my first camera a Minolta X-700 and an Ansel Adams photo book. I took a few classes in high school… went to college and graduated with a degree in Photojournalism and I've never looked back. I love photography! And I am so blessed that this is my career and my passion.

  22. Stephanie C says:

    When I started having children, I caught every moment and it was beautiful to see them grow.

  23. Would LOVE to win this!! Haven't used film since my first High School darkroom classes, where I realized I had a passion & skill for photography. Since then, I've always enjoyed being able to capture fleeting moments in time, and having a way to remember them forever!

  24. I got my first camera when I was 17. We were on our way to be Benin West Africa to be missionaries. That changed my life! Being able preserve those moments forever inspired me to be a better person and to take better images. With encouragement from other photographers and friends, I now am a full time professional photographer and loving it!

  25. What first got me interested in photography, that's a tough question. Ever since I can remember I wanted to own a camera, back when disposable were all the rage i took one everywhere.

    I think I love the pure joy of capturing a moment forever. Moments are so easily slipped away and we can't all remember like elephants so to have an album or just a box of pictures that you can sit and go through and say "Oh remember that time.." spurring other conversations about other moments gives me such joy and delight. That is why we started a business, because everyone deserves to have happy memories and moments preserved forever.

  26. My dad let me take his old SLR to camp one summer when I was 8 or 9. I was hooked from then on!

  27. When I was a tiny little creature, I remember my grandfather always with a camera when ever we would go ANYWHERE. I was always interested in how this little box that made pictures worked. When I was living with my grandparents around the age of 8 while my father was overseas with the Army, my grandfather bought me my first camera…a Kodak 110. I was unstoppable after that. ;)

    Photography is my one constant that can take me away from every day stresses and put me back together again right after I fall apart from it all.

  28. When I was little my parents got divorced and I lived with my mom. Every summer my dad, who was a car salesman, would quit his job and come pick me up for a big adventure. We traveled the whole United States over the course of 4 summer vacations. I wanted to capture every moment of every adventure so I started taking pictures and journaling. My dad always said I would be a photographic journalist and travel the world…and one day I will be!

  29. Marion Woodman says:

    I always enjoyed taking photographs from the time I was young. My first memories are of taking photos on a family trip to Lethbridge in the Japanese Gardens. But the moment when I realized that I really wanted to become a real photographer was when I was at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton and tried to get shots of athletes participating in the steeplechase event. Trying to get just the right timing of the action really spurred me on to keep working to become a photographer, not just of sports but of things that I was interested in. I'm still working on it and loving the challenge.

  30. HMMMM… Thats a loaded question. Simpily I love freze time. I like capturing pure raw emotions. I love capturing the body language and movement. I started before I had kids but now I have 3 and I LOVE documenting their life. This isn't a job for me, I don't get stressed even when I have a bunch of sessions to edit or mean clients. I love it so much every step is amazing because its all my vision and my creation and now one elses.
    Even if I don't win, I'll still be as happy as can be freezing time and creating art.

  31. I first fell in love with photography when I used my husband's camera that I bought him for Christmas a few years ago. Now, whenever I can, I sneak his camera and run! :)

  32. I first became interested in photography in college when I bought an SLR camera. But it was many years later, when I got a digital camera and started the 365 project that photography really got it's hold on me.

  33. rachael marie says:

    the desire to create, to express myself, to see the world from another perspective. and, to be honest, i wanted to better document every.single.detail about my triplets first few years.

  34. i am not a professional photographer, but i am very interested in taking pictures. for me, it started when i was a kid and loved looking at the snapshots of my family over and over, so when i had my own family, it took lots of pictures and am now taking tons of pictures of my precious granddaughter.
    love the holga shots you shared in the post…they are so cool…. they remind me a whole lot of the snapshots i looked thru as a kid!

  35. Bob Tankersley says:

    I fell in love with photography early in my childhood because my Dad loved it. It was something we shared. His older, broken cameras became some of my earliest toys. This gave way later to a Canon AT-1, a gift from my parents. I haven't hardly put my camera down since!

  36. I've always been attracted to photography and looking at portraits. But probably the first thing that showed me the power of taking images and their ability to freeze time, is a series of pictures I took of my friends and our favorite teacher, Mr. Droge at our 9th grade graduation. Ten days later, at 35-years old, he died of a heart attack. There was a request for people to bring photos to the funeral. My mom and I rushed to a 1-hour photo lab and paid a premium. But I had taken the six final images of Mr. Droge's life. Something his mother and surviving girlfriend were so grateful for that they sent me a thank you note. 20-years later, I posted these images on Facebook, and many of my junior high school friends were overwhelmed to see them, but expressed so much gratitude at being able to travel back in time.

  37. I was so tired of having bad family portraits taken. That is what has inspired me to become a portrait photographer and I am loving it!

  38. I was in grade 3 and my family took a trip to the san diego zoo. I had been given a purple vivitar camera for the trip – and came back with a photo of an elephant that I fell in love with. Later, my mom gave me her old camera and encouraged me to take it apart and explore the shutter action. The sound of the shutter….sigh… I was hooked.

  39. Looking at family photo albums first got me into photography- seeing the history documented. I wanted a camera of my own so I could record things thru my eyes.

  40. The first time I remember actually wanting to learn more about photography was shortly after my second child was born. For some reason I wanted my pictures to look better. I didn't like the effect that the flash gave to all my indoor pictures. I experimented with the different settings on my point and shoot with a little success. I then bought a Canon Rebel XSi. A whole new world was opened up to me! I soon discovered there more things I could photograph than just the everyday life of my kids. I fell in love with flower and nature photography and now that's what I primarily do!

  41. Ever since I was a little girl my dad would always have his camera with him. He told me all the neat things he did with his old slr to take funky pictures and showed me how fun photography could be. Those times are what got me hooked and I've just about always had a camera since then trying to figure out how to take my own funky pictures :)

  42. The Moment I knew I was a photographer and love it was in the very first photo I took. That moment when I amazed myself. When you can capture your emotions in a photo that isnt necessary a person and feel relived of all the stress and be able to lose yourself in a imperfect world capturing the better half's of what feels like bliss.
    xox Socal

  43. I started taking pictures while on various trips/vacations and, BAM, I was hooked! I was an interior designer at the time, specifying photography for various spaces and thought, I CAN DO THAT! better yet, I'm so much happier doing that! It forces me to stop and embrace the moment. Plus you see great stuff that you would have missed otherwise.

  44. The first moment I remember loving photography was watching a Polaroid my Grandpa had taken slowly transform into a photograph. He was always taking photos of us growing up. Now that he's gone I cherish all those photos even more! I think that realization that photography can connect us to the ones we love and memories is what really got me hooked.

  45. My interest began over 30 years ago when a friend invited me to come along to do time lapse night photography. I was instantly hooked and bought a fully manual Praktica camera (manufactured then in what was E Germany). It was a fantastic camera and the results were amazing. I would cover the walls of my studio apartment in poster-size photos! I've been hooked ever since.

  46. My dad got me into photography when I was very little. He used to shoot for magazines and so we'd all get packed up into the car and off to shoots. I always wondered what my dad saw when he looked through is camera until one day when I was 6 he gave me his camera and a roll of film. He still has those first pictures.

  47. My first real memory surrounding photography aside from playing with my Kodak camera that had disposable flashes, was telling my mom i wanted to take black and white pictures of my new baby cousin Andrew (who is seventeen these days! (Yipes) My mom bought me a roll of the B&W Color process film and i shot the pictures on her point and shoot vivitar. they turned out TERRIBLY, but i learned that i wanted to figure out how to make them better. oh, young photo love :)

  48. What piqued my interest in photography was having my first photography session. Boudoir photography. At that point, I fell in love with how photos made people feel when they looked at them afterward and wanted to learn how to do the same for others. I picked up my first mid-level nikon DSLR and have been learning bit by bit and praciticing on friends! Trying to focus on improving on composition and photographing in the right type of natural light :)

  49. I took a semester course to fulfill my fine arts credit in my sophomore year of high school, now as a senior in high school, I still take tons of photos because as cliche as it sounds, they're memories that I get to keep. The first weeks i hated the class, because it took so long to find a good shot that didn't look like a 12 year old took it, but I soon caught the hang of it and haven't looked back. Furthermore, I love taking photos because I like to show them to my friends and love the feeling while they look at them in awe, or start to think about them.
    Also, i could really use a change from the pentax 110 auto I'm currently shooting on, its a pain to splice 35mm film and load every cartridge :P (I still like the look of film that you can't get with digital, plus, I dont have $500 to drop on a dslr)

  50. I was introduced to photography back when I was little from my dad who was into it. I can't remember a time I didn't have some sort of camera, whether it was a Polaroid up till my DSLR. :-)

  51. I first got into photography when I was around 5 or 6 years old and my aunt took a picture of me with her Polaroid camera at her house. After she took the picture, she started to waving it and shaking the picture to get the picture developed. I asked her why she was doing that and she told me that it was to get the picture to appear- like magic. Ever since then, I've addicted to one-step cameras and just cameras and photography in general because of the memories it makes and how the picture comes out- like magic.

  52. I'm not actually eligible cause I'm in Australia, but I wanted to share just for sharing's sake!
    My cat got me into photography. I'm not even kidding. I was pretty young, maybe 5 years old, and I was scared of her scratching me just as much as I loved her, so I substituted the big, black, heavy, scratchy cat for little fluffy plush cats… and when I saw a cat-shaped camera in the shopping centre I had to have it! I used it to take photos of my plush cats with it because the real one wouldn't sit still long enough. Eventually I learned enough to get a sharp photo of Puss with my first digital camera and it's all been a very steep learning curve from there.
    Puss passed away a few years ago, but I take her with me on every shoot – on my business cards. My logo is a black cat.

  53. Since I was a kid I have been drawing, and painting. But when I got my 1st camera when I was 12yrs old I was in love it but film took to long to develop. But when digital camera's came out I bought a small one and everyone kept telling me they loved what I did, so it got me excited so I went further and got my 1st DSLR almost 2 yrs ago and since then I am now in school for photography. I love it, it's art just like drawing and painting.

  54. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I first got interested in photography when I had children. I know it's a cliché, but it's the truth:) My Mom was great at capturing our busy life growing up with her film SLR and I wanted to do the same for my children when I became a Mom. I just had a point and shoot, but it was out all the time. After my third child was born, I won a gift certificate to an electronics store and I finally got my hands on a dSLR. I studied and studied and continue to study!

  55. I got a camera when I was in the 3rd grade and was hooked. I took a photography class when I was 12 and loved processing the film and printing images. Now I enjoy shooting with my DSLR and manipulating the images in lightoom.

  56. This is kind of weird, but my first inspiration to do serious photography came from seeing a huge exhibit of Diane Arbus photos at the National Gallery in Ottawa. Her work is quite strange in many ways and these photos were printed very large, maybe 24" x 24" if I remember correctly. I was really affected by these images of freaks and strange people and for the first time recognized the powerful impact that an extended body of photographs could have. And when I went to see the exhibit again, I started to think about the kind of person who could get close enough to these people to make portraits of them. It started to dawn on me that in some way, this body of work was an extended reflection of the photographer, who was very interesting. I would have loved to meet Diane Arbus. My favorite art and artists have a strong component of personal expression.

  57. well, this is one way to get more comments! :) great question!

    my grandfather was a wonderful hobbyist photographer who would develop his own black and white prints. my favorite photographs of myself are the ones he took. he really opened my eyes to the reality that everyday life is beautiful.

  58. Always loved photography…more of an appreciation for the art than an actual picture-taker for a long time. Travelled overseas for a few years and started taking lots of pictures for fun/memories. Over the past year have become completely hooked:) I love how one picture can tell a story and take you somewhere you have never been. How cool is that?!

  59. Photography was a much loved hobby of my grandpa's. It wasn't until a summer during my high school years that on a house boating vacation with my family, he placed an old Konica SLR in my hands, taught me the raw basics to exposure and let me loose. That vacation I took my all-time favorite photograph, one that continues to inspire me and remind me of the reason I love photography. I wandered up on the top deck of the houseboat one afternoon to find my grandpa sitting in a chair staring into the sky at one of his kites and holding his handmade kite string reel (woodwork was yet another hobby of his) and he was smiling. Seeing my grandpa smile was a rare thing in general, but after loosing my grandma to cancer a couple years before, it was an impossible sight. I stood in the shadows silently watching my grandpa's simple delight, brought the camera up to my eye, focused, adjusted my controls for a perfect exposure and snapped. Without that photograph I might be able to have a vague vision of his smile in my mind's eye, but thanks to my grandpa, thanks to the art of photography, I can see and share in full blown color, a most precious moment in time.

  60. What first got you interested in photography?

    -The ability to tell a story without using words.

  61. chris henderson says:

    The idea of capturing life as it happens is a wondrous thing. Each image is like a scene from a memory.

  62. From the day my grandparents bought me my first point and shoot camera I've been hooked. Something drew me to wanting a camera for my birthday that summer and I've been behind the lens every since. I feel that I can see something not everyone can when I'm behind the lens and I love sharing my take on the world with others, whether it be travel photography, or lifestyle, I love it all.

  63. When my dad passed away from cancer all we had left were photographs of him and I looked and them over and over; thinking we didn't have enough. I didn't want to ever feel that way again, so I enrolled in a couple photography classes and fell in love.

  64. I became interested in photography when I realized the pictures I took of people captured their essence better than anything I could ever write about them. They captured the moments I could never remember, or the ones that I never wanted to forget.

  65. I think I have to blame my dad :) He definitely passed his camera love down to me. I remember sitting by him as a kid, playing with his old polaroid and 35mm canon camera. He would tell me about all of the setting, try to get me to understand crazy things like filters and apertures. He would get lost in all of the camera talk, and it was something that we could share together. As soon as high school hit, I was the first in line for the darkroom photography courses, and, now, 15 years later, it is my passion and I am on my way to making it my career. Thanks, Dad!

  66. What drew mw to photography……my mom had one of those 35mm cameras where you crank the side of it to get to the next exposure and that interested me in a way that nothing else did! I couldn't believe that a little brownish colored film could capture such important, special and meaningful times in our lives. I would be like a kid at christmas waiting for my prints to come back. I must say I rocked that little camera!!
    Fast forward a bit – The birth of my son! June 8, 2002 changed the way I viewed photography again. I HAD to remember everything about him…his tiny toes, the little birth mark on his belly, his grin when he saw me! My camera has given me so many great memories!! Three more children after my son and I decided that I had to capture these amazing memories for other people as well. I know that I value and cherish each and every photograph that I have of my children and that some other people may not (right now). I made it my mission to capture their moments so that when they look back at the photos they can put themselves right back in that moment and remember how they felt, what they were thinking…heck even the smells that day!
    Ok I think I might have poured a little too much out there but I can't be more grateful for my fabulous family and my camera too xxoxox Jenn

  67. the family biz – as in back the film days, my pops had a one hr photo lab. i was a lab technican. it was there that i was known as the one who always had her camera. it's like my extra body part, my sixth sense, my siamese twin..ok maybe that's going a little too far. anyhow. ya.

    oh and we still have a canadian address, so i thought i'd enter. who doesn't loves contests?


  68. I was visiting my brother in D.C. for the first time (I was 15 in 1998). Because he was busy working, he didn't had the time to show me the city so I decided doing it by myself. The first day of my trip, he gave me my first camera (Minolta Hi-Matic AF2) and I went crazy taking pictures without knowing anything about it but happy because it felt so personal and unique the way I was capturing my journey. After I picked up my first photos from the lab I realized that it was something I have to do for the rest of my life.

    PS: I still have my AF2

  69. I first got interested in photography back in the 80s when I was in Grade 4. My Grammie gave me a disc camera! I was in love. I will admit that most of my pictures were not stuff of legend, and my Mum was probably NOT impressed with the amount of money she was spending on my craft! I am now (thanks to my wonderful spouse) the proud owner of a DSLR and I *think* I have taken over 10,000 pictures this year alone…..and I have only had the camera for 10 months. :)

  70. I initially became interested in photography when I saw some really awesome pinhole photography online a couple years ago. And like many women, I got into DSLR photography after falling in love with the images of my own wedding and countless others I found on blogs.

  71. I think what first got me interested in photography was aircraft and airshows. I loved loved planes as a kid and photography was a way to get closer to them. My dad lent me his old, all metal pentax SLR to take to airshows. I felt pretty pro at 11/12 yr old.

  72. oh, and I can totally see stormtroopers taking the white holga on their shore leave or spring break. can you imagine the chaos when everyone wants to get a group shot with THEIR camera?! like 18 white holgas around the neck of one poor sap…

  73. I think it's in my blood. My great-grandfather was the town's only local photographer, and growing up, I always remember my dad with his 35mm camera (which was a big deal since they were recent immigrants to Canada). I used his camera for my first photography course in University. Oh boy did I suck! But things got better thankfully. So I would say the interest was passed down from generation to generation.

  74. Melissa Remanda says:

    I remember being so disappointed with the first pictures I took with a cheap film camera I was given – why didn't they capture what I saw? So I saved my pennies and bought my first Canon digital for about 3 times what they go for today. It was love – I would lay under a certain flower or tree or whatever in my yard, randomly changing settings, thinking Man that looks good!

  75. My dad always took boat loads of photos when I was growing up; and it became my job to photography the things that I liked since he only really liked cars!
    Then I had kids, and well the point & shoot just didn't do it for me, so my hubby got me a dslr and that was it! Now he can barely pry it out of my hands!!

  76. My dad loved photography. From a young age, I remember him always taking pictures. It fostered a love in me for cameras, too. Now, I'm the mom always carrying around a camera — and my daughter is starting to show interest, wanting to snap some pics. Love it!

  77. I always liked taking pictures.. but it wasn't until my youngest was born that i really got into "photography" watching her grow and capturing special moments spilled outwards into other areas <3

  78. I've always been a visual person, I love the arts but it was probably the work of Edward Westin that captivated me. I love how he breaks down his photographs into abstract shapes. A definite huge influence in my work.

  79. New mom. Young baby. Frequent cursing and yelling when trying to get my ancient sony point and shoot to properly capture the gorgeousness of my child. So I dropped some money on a Canon 40D (five years ago) and when it arrived I was like, what in the what what? What is this "lens" thing? How do I put it on?!? And now I'm a business owner who couldn't imagine living without my mark ii 5d. :)

  80. Travelling!!! When you travel you see so many beautiful and awesome things so photography allows you to capture that sight or moment allowing you to share it with others.

  81. Cleave Guyton Jr says:

    I gotten my love of Photography from traveling the world playing great music! I wanted to capture some of the wonderful things that I was seeing.

  82. Kari-Lynn Bezooyen says:

    it seems cliche but it was my kids that really jumpstarted my interest in photography. i'd always liked taking pictures before but once i had kids and i noticed there was a standard in professional children's photography, i had to try and reach it. i still haven't completely but i'm much happier with my images of my children and i am very much enjoying the journey!

  83. When I was in high school, I had a few friends get their senior pictures from a photographer (who has really made it big in the photography industry!!) and I would visit her blog and website daily. I was (and still am) so drawn to how beautiful her images were. I loved all of the details she is able to capture and I wanted to learn how to produce images that were beautiful. She ended up offering an online workshop for beginners that I took and made me love photography even more.

  84. I remember being interested in Photography for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I used to have a camera that used 110 film and I remember finding it in my mom's attic a few years ago along with many other rolls of 35mm film that I had forgotten to develop. It was a hoot to look back at these images from my childhood. I was always taking pictures of my family, my surroundings, you name it. As I have gotten older, my love of photography has increased even more and I would so love to win a Holga and have a chance to delve back into film and be creative with it. Thank you for the awesome contest!

  85. I had to fill my course credits in high school (I lived in Texas) and decided I'd take the photography class…..the BEST decision I ever made. I've been in love with this art form ever since!!!!

  86. Laurie LeBlanc says:

    I first became interested in photography when my parents let me use their brownie camera. I was in grammar school and was fascinated with how it worked. They bought me my own Kodak Instamatic and a Polaroid camera, and I always had one of them with me. I sent my film away to Mystic Color Labs and would stalk the mailman for my pictures. I still have some of those old pictures!

  87. Photographs are the best kind of souvenir, so that's how I first got started–as a way to remember a place, an event, a person. Now it's evolved to become a medium with which to creatively capture the creativity around me!

  88. When I was a little girl, my father would avidly take photos with his old Yaschica TLR. That camera went everywhere with us and I have many memories of my father grinning to himself as he looked down at it's viewfinder. I was fascinated by the magic of what he was doing.

    I asked him one day when I was about 6 if I could hold the magical object myself – amazingly he agreed and before I knew it I had the strap around my neck and the heavy camera nestled in my hands. I looked down into the viewfinder and spun in a semi circle – a sense of confusion and frustration came over me. "How do you know what to photograph?" I asked him, a little upset.

    "Well, have a look around… do you like the way the sun looks on those trees? Do you like the way the grass looks? Look around until you see something you like – that's how you decide what to photograph."

    I looked around me and suddenly saw the world divided into smaller scenes. There was the rabbit hutches of my grandparents show bunnies or the way the trees were surrounded by the halo of the sun – suddenly there was an awareness I hadn't had before, a sense that small fleeting moments were happening around me and all I needed was to observe them.

    I've been hooked since that day…

  89. My Dad passed away very suddenly when I was 16. The photographs I have of him are so important to me. At the time of his death I had started becoming interested in photography; but it wasn't until after his death that I realized the real reason photography is so compelling to me. It is the ability of the camera to capture a moment in time and preserve it forever. I am still moved by this and strive to portray that essence in every photograph, especially those for my clients so they can have their moment in time.

  90. simple…my love for life. :)

    thanks for this fabulous opportunity! you guys ROCK!

  91. The first and probably the most important photograph I've ever taken was of my grandmother in the hospital. I just started in my photography class and I took my camera along for my visit to the hospital. I asked her if I could take a photo and of course she said no. She looked terrible. The room was dimly lit by just a window. I was determined to photograph her so I set the camera down on the table and waited until she fell asleep. When I was sure she wouldn't hear the click, I pulled back and made just one blind shot (and got the hell out of there). I developed the picture in a darkroom (poorly I might add). The photo is old and crumpled form being in various books and drawers. It's been ten years since my grandmother passed away. This was a photo at her worst and I still love it more than anything I've ever taken. I don't care how something looks, it's the feeling that matters most.

  92. I grew up having a dad who took a lot of photos and developed them himself. He had a small darkroom in the attic and I remember finding it really interesting to see what happened there with the orange and green lights. Maybe it was just the lights that I liked but I knew then something big was happening there. I have always taken photos on my travels but never owned a decent camera until I met my husband. He shot with a slr and I had no idea what he was doing, I just didn't get it. In the mean time secretly I dreamt about taking photos as a photographer, it was the same dream with the same photos, and it kept coming back. I don't know how many times I have dreamt that dream. Any way, we bought a digital camera and I started taking more and more photos, but in the automatic mode….. When two years ago we moved to the US I thought it was time for a 'real' camera and so we bought a dslr. I started taking classes (to get out of that auto-mode), and so my photography journey started and I truly love it. I haven't taken the photos from my dreams but I'm so sure I will do so one day. And for the Holga, that would be a whole new journey, one which I can't wait to start.
    BTW I love love love the photos of your recent vacation, they look absolutely stunning!!

  93. I was first interested in photography as a teenager- capturing times with friends, family, and just trying to remember it all. As I got older, and had kids, I realized how much I loved capturing them at different ages :)

  94. Ever since I can remember I loved looking at pictures. I used to go through my mom's old pictures all the time. I think I just loved all of the memories that were associated with each picture. Now getting to capture those memories myself is my favorite thing to do!

  95. ok.. this is going to get personal here. but what the heck… I started photography when i was very young. my dad would give me his SLR film Nikon and tell me to have fun. He taught me how to set the camera, focus etc. I never got why he loved it so much. As I grew older, I started to not know who i was or wanted to be. I didn't understand the world and I didn't understand why people around me didn't look at it the same way I did. I wanted to know why so many people viewed the world in black and white and not as this extraordinary place as I did. I lost everything I had at the age of 24. and all I could think about at that time in my life was "i need to be surrounded by beauty right now". I was a graphic designer but I didn't know how to design the beauty that I needed at that time. So I picked up a camera and I photographed things that I thought were interesting. I got close to things, made them abstract. I challenged the world and myself. It got me through the black and white. I realized that if i took these pictures people would finally understand what I saw and how I saw it. It is a form of expression and understanding. As i work with my clients now, I never forget the basics of why I wanted to do this. Instead of shooting leaves and allowing people to see the beauty in them, I try my best to photograph people and allow them to see the beauty in themselves….

  96. Hi Rob and Lauren! what an amazing and exciting give-away :)

    How did I get into photography…what a loaded question! haha. I honestly got into it through my dad. He has always (and still does to this day) taken a million photos at family events…through high school, I took graphic arts and developed a larger sense of appreciation for photography.

    Now, I do it because I find wonder and joy in all the things around me, and in the people I meet and capture through my lens.

  97. When I took all sorts of creative art stuff on my holiday and realized that I had more fun taking pictures. And I love the click of an slr.

  98. Alexandra says:

    When I started "journaling" my deployment to Iraq (2004) with my camera I realized I loved expressing myself and capturing moments through photography…….

  99. As a small child I can remember always taking my mothers camera out of her hand so I could take the photo's. The feeling of making art behind a lens excited me, I couldn't wait to get the film developed so I could see what I had created! I still get excited to upload all my photo's to the computer and see what I captured!

  100. I fell in love with photography when I started making emotional connections with photographs. It was overwhelming, eye-opening and just beautiful.

  101. Amanda S. says:

    This is going to sound cliched, but it's the truth… children got me into photography, or more specifically MY children. I love taking photos of them and documenting just about everything they do.

  102. I got interested in photography because I have always admired artists but have trouble drawing a straight line. Photography showed me that not only could I capture beauty but also that a straight line was probably not the way to go anyways. Once the camera was in hand, I found that looking through the lens generated a whole new outlook. I would start out trying to capture a picture of a garden and quickly found myself trying to snap the bee or butterfly. Possibilities are boundless. Thanks.

  103. When I was a senior in high school, my parents had been divorced for 3 years already. I loved spending time with my dad whenever I could. The two of us took a walk around an old park one day, and he had brought his Ricoh with him. He took a picture of me, and I took one of him. After the film was developed, I had unknowingly taken a shallow-depth-of-field shot of him. I loved the photo because I thought my dad looked so handsome. But many people commented on how "good" the picture was. At the time I didn't know what made it "good", but felt like I had experienced a little moment of magic in my life.

  104. I have always appreciated photography and loved taking pictures of places I have been and the people I have been on the those journeys with. I think I realized I had actual interest in the photography when I realized it allowed me to capture moments. I am a believer in trying to live in the present. Photography has allowed me to capture those moments. I love the emotion a photo fills me with (whether it's my own photo or someone else's) and how that emotion changes day to day. I love how the same photo can elicit different emotions from at me at any given moment.

  105. Not sure that it was a specific moment. Having kids of course, but even before then, just a *need* to want to record a sliver of time and help preserve a memory and moment before it's gone. Thanks for the chance – I've always wanted to play with a Holga!

  106. Rebecca Pfeifer says:

    I fell in love with photography when I fell in love with traveling – on a trip to Eastern Europe as a sophomore in high school. My pictures weren't very good back then, but I still look back at them, and they still bring back the memories!

  107. After my friend had photographed and taken some video of my 2nd daughters home birth I knew I HAD to buy a dlsr, what I didn't know was it would become my business and my life. I never ever planned on becoming a photographer, it just happened to me. I was actually an abstract painter for a long time and found it extremely hard to connect with others through my work. When I started connecting with others through my pictures and photography I felt so happy and fulfilled! I found photography like many other women, through my motherhood journey. I love that I can visit the day my daughter was born over and over, I can cry again and again. Those few photos and the video I have of my birth remind me how brilliant and colorful that day was for us. I love that I can experience, capture and sell JOY everyday through my work! Thanks for the giveaway and for letting me share. SHINE ON!

  108. I signed up for a film photography class in high school about 17 years ago and I fell in love with being able to capture a moment forever exactly as I see it. It made me feel so powerful to be able to hold something so beautiful and know that I created it.

  109. When I was in sixth grade, my uncle taught my to roll my own film, control fstop and shutter on the family's Asahi Pentax, and then develop the film in the bathroom. The first time I saw a contact sheet develop in a tray I was hooked. I've loved photography ever since!

  110. I've always been interested in Photography and art but didn't really fell in love with it when my husband and I had a maternity session while I was pregnant with Danger. When I looked at the photos and could see the love and awesomeness that is our relationship all shoved into one photograph I was hooked!

  111. My wife (fiancée at the time) started taking many of pictures throughout our relationship. Okay "many" is an understatement! I was never the one taking our traveling pictures or of us together. She found her new love and passion (besides me of course), falling in love with photography, and now dabbling into medium format film. She started shooting her friends which eventually grew into weddings/engagements/etc. Enough of her!

    When I first started shooting weddings, I fell in love with the capabilities/features of the higher end DSLR's. Thinking its the camera that was creating these beautiful images. I learned my lesson fast. I started photography for maybe the wrong reason though I learned over the years its not the equipment you have, or the money you charge, It's the fun and passion you have taking the photos of people. You connect with them on a different level, you absorb their energy and show it through the lens. I feel free when i take photos, I find no boundaries as to what I can do with a camera.

    It's almost like I'm going backwards, first using P&S/cell phones, eventually DSLR, and now learning a whole new world with film (thanks to my wife!).

    My wife and I are very fortune to do what we love, to make people happy, to give them moments to remember through pictures and tell their story to others.

    p.s. I tried to keep it short! :P


  112. I was a self proclaimed idiot when it came to photography. I couldn't take a picture to save my life. Then I decided to buy a DSLR after my ps broke. That changed my view and my life. Now I am an addict and just starting my own photog business. Crazy!!!!!

  113. hmmm, i first got into photography after i'd moved away from all my family and friends (for work) and needed a new hobby to keep my mind off that fact! :) a DSLR purchase and a couple photography tours later and i was hooked. :)

  114. Watching my friends have a miracle baby. Bringing her home for the first time. I was snapping pictures away for hours and now as we look back on those pictures. They have memories that will last a life time and for her to share with her children one day.

  115. When I was in elementary school there was a school newsletter. I was selected to be the 'photographer' for the newsletter by the teacher, little did I know then what a profound impact photography would have on my life today.

  116. My husband got me into travel photography when we travelled around the world! You guys got me into portrait photography when every single picture you took was freaking amazing!

  117. Christina says:

    I first took a photography class in high school and spent the whole class ogling on of the guys in the class. I always was interested in photography though, but I didn't really get into it until my daughter was born and i had such a beautiful subject to photograph.

  118. I've always been 'the' picture taker of the family, even back in the point and shoot days. Now, it is my way of expressing myself, and giving joy and memories to others. It fulfills me to give make people happy and create a lasting keepsake.

  119. While I have always had an appreciation for photography, (with a pile of books on the subject to prove it), it is the birth of my first daughter with a really bad point & shoot in hand that made me realize how important it was for me to develop my skills (and invest in decent equipment) in order document her life and achievements that changed everything for me.

    Thanks for the chance!

  120. I first became interested in photography as an art form as a Junior in High School. My amazing teacher Mr. Wetzl pushed us to look at things differently and try so many different methods. If it wasn't for him I never would have my business now, nor would i even know what a holga was!

  121. I studied a little photography in art school but really got me was wanting to capture beautiful images of my kids. Then I just kept shooting!

  122. I have always loved the arts, but photography became my passion after my sweet babies came along. I wanted to be able to capture them artistically so I dove into the world of photography head on. Since then I eat, sleep and breathe everything photography

  123. my dear, sweat grandpa :) I remember hours of slideshows of slides of family and travel. Fond memories :)

  124. Several years ago, I had a friend that got a Rebel XSI and let me take a few shots with it. When I pushed the shutter, it fired instantly (unlike the 1-2 sec delay with a point and shoot). I had purchased my first DSLR within the week.

  125. I've loved taking pictures ever since I had my first beloved little blue rubberized Kodak camera with the 110 film cartridges. I went to college in rural Tennessee, and being from the city, the area surrounding my school was like a whole new world. I took many long drives/camera excursions during that time, and since then, I've been hooked.

  126. Christineb says:

    I have the most typical MWAC ever but my kids. I made my husband buy me a camera when I got preggo with my son after being told I would never have babies of my own. I wanted to capture every little detail of his life. Here I am four years later. Lovin' every minute of it.

  127. Oh..
    I've been wanting one of those camera. :)
    ..I became fascinated with photography
    after my sister loaned me her digital camera to take with us on vacation. She also loaned me her book, Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson. From that point on, I have been in love with capturing beautiful photos. :)

  128. my dad. i used to spend hours with him in the darkroom watching pictures come to life. i knew it was what i wanted to do too.

  129. Kristen Kane says:

    I remember as a child using my mother's camera and setting up photo shoots with my sister as a model. To this day I still pull her and her husband out to practice my skills! I was photo editor of my high school paper and yearbook, and loved every minute of it. Recently I got married and had 2 children, so for a while I didn't do much with my photography. Now I have gotten back into the game and found out that I don't know as much as I thought I did! There are so many new styles and techniques that I feel as though I am learning the basics all over again :) It is just as fun the second time around, and Rob & Lauren you have some of the best instructionals I have found! Thank you for making this available, it has helped me further enjoy my love of photography!

  130. I've grown up around cameras (my mom loves documenting everything!)… then i took a photography class in college which helped me understand the techniques, and i pretty much fell in love! :)

  131. I've always loved holding a camera. I think I became more interested, once I had my son, and took a ton of photos of him. Most of the photos of him, are on rolls of film, that really need to be developed. I didn't get my dslr until last year.

  132. As much as I would like to say that it is about capturing the moment, or the magic of the image, which is all true, for me it is really about the camera. I like cameras the way people like classic cars or old watches. There is something about the levers and dials and glass. Loading film on the reel and the click of the shutter. It is a mechanical piece of art. By happenstance they help me create beautiful images. It is a win win.

  133. my children…the light in their smiles!

  134. Paul Barrie says:

    Back in the day when people processed their own films I was introduced by my dad to black and white photography. For me at that time it was the perfect blending of art and technology.

  135. I was definitely NOT the one that picked up a camera as a kid and it stuck with me. I was always creative but not in a photographic sense. I started getting into photography when I had met my [now] husband and I couldn't go anywhere without taking my camera and documenting our adventures together! I seriously was obsessed and loved taking pictures of us together as a couple….ironic that I now take photos of other couples' happiness. I find it fitting and I love it!

  136. I have never really thought about it before but I think it was my dad. He always took photos on vacations and birthdays and kept them in those magnetic albums. Today, I take TONS of photos of my own kids. Like father, like daughter.

  137. First my dad.. and then my stepdad. both with film. great adventures with our cameras.
    now we still connect greatly about our shared love of capturing moments with photos.

  138. High school year book circa 1998

  139. My mom's side of the family are picture fanatics. I have always enjoyed spending time with family looking through old photographs. I now do the same with my children.

  140. Pretty sure it's part of my DNA. My father always loved photography and filming movies. We have many childhood photographs and movies! So much fun to look through. I got my first 110 film camera with a pack of flash cubes at nine years old. It was the love of my life for many years. Took a hiatus during my last years of college and it returned in full force ten years later at the birth of my first child. I have turned this love into a business to help put food on the table and clothes for my three children! I'm soooo fortunate :)

  141. As a small boy Heath Shelton watched as his dad made prints under a red safe light. He had no way of knowing that someday in the future he would be doing the very same thing. As he got his dad’s camera down from the shelf many years later, he then knew that making beautiful images was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Heath never dreamed of being a fireman, a doctor, or even a lawyer. He always knew that documenting the lives of people and stories of the earth was what he wanted to pursue.
    Then, with a few lessons from his father, Heath went out to look through that light tight box we know as a camera and started his life long career as a photographer. Now with sixteen years of experience and four years of photography schooling, Heath is producing the type of work he has always dreamed about. He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of Oklahoma, Southwest Photographers Association, Students Photographic Society, Senior and Children Photographers International and SPA.
    After graduation he kept his business that he had started while in college part time and went to work for Oklahoma State University as Coordinator of Photography for two years. Heath is now running his business, Shelton’s Photography and Design, full time in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Heath is an award winning portrait and landscape photographer. However, if you ask him he’ll say, “I enjoy taking portraits of just about anything. As long as I am behind my camera, I am happy.”

  142. I have always loved the camera and making memories. But, when I think about what got me into "photography" – for the purpose of fulfilling other people's memories – it would have been in 2008 when friends asked me to come shoot some pictures of their son who was graduating from high school. I started taking senior photos – and just really enjoyed getting to know the people, their passions, their styles…..and producing pictures that represented that. It has been so fulfilling and fun….and I am like a sponge that continues to learn and lap up information – which is why I joined your site and and so excited to be growing in my photography because of it! :) Thanks for an awesome giveaway….how awesome it would be to win!!!

  143. I can honestly say I cant remember a specific date that I was "taken" by photography. I guess I have alway been inspired by beautiful images and moments!

  144. I got interested in photography when my son was born. I always loved pictures, but after he was born I didn't just want pictures I wanted moments and memories.
    Now I want to use any method possible to capture as many moments as I can.

  145. I've been fascinated by photography for as long as I can remember. I don't remember why or how I came to love it – I come from a family of "non-photographers" – but I remember distinctly the moment I bought my first camera. It was a Canon point and shoot, and I still have it. I was ten years old.

    I've loved photography ever since. Even more since I've had my children. There is something magical and utterly moving about being able to capture an instant of their lives with my camera!

  146. My dad was a photographer growing up so I was always around cameras, film, and a darkroom in my backyard. I loved that he could always bring my family together and tell a story through pictures. In high school I decided I wanted to try it out a little more. I love being in the darkroom. I have loved photography ever since! Pictures speak so much to me!

  147. I've had a fascination with photography since high school when my grandfather gave me my first (circa 1975) Canon SLR. I did n't really get deeply involved, however, until my children were born. I took a LOT of bad pictures…(quantity, not quality, my friends), but I am ever so grateful for the record they have left me of my babies' early lives. Eventually, I became interested in learning to get the quality over quantity. I wanted to learn the technical skills necessary to enable me to take meaningful photographs. My youngest baby is seven now, and I'm still working on that! I believe photography is a never-ending learning curve. :)

  148. I've always loved every form of art and the act of creating. When I discovered the simplicity and immediate gratification that a camera can give you… I was hooked. And haven't put one down since I was 13 years old.

  149. I honestly don't remember exactly, I think it was always there, most definitely from the time I borrowed my mother's brownie camera when I was about 10 years old.

    Thanks for the opportunity~

  150. I first fell in love with photography after becoming a Christian. I saw the world through different eyes it seemed and suddenly everything became beautiful no matter the setting. I fell in love with capturing God's amazingly complex world on film to share with others. I believe there is beauty even in the beasts of this world, it just takes a second to raise, aim and forever capture a magical page in this great book of life.

  151. I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in photography. My grandmother was an artist and when I was very young she tried to teach me to paint, but it just wasn't for me. I couldn't paint things exactly as I saw them, but with a camera in my hand I was able to capture a moment in time. I have been doing so ever since.

  152. One of the first times I remember thinking about an interest in photography was after seeing and studying the Spencer Rowell photo titled "l'enfant".

  153. My first experiences with photography came from my family. Someone always had a camera on hand. Within this last year I have purchased two cameras and have decided to improve what a friend has called "a great eye for things." I'm looking to continue to practice everyday and continue to surprise myself and friends.

  154. I started shooting out of necessity in order to market and sell items from my fashion line (especially online.) I started knowing nothing really about what I was doing, but read everything I could find to constantly learn more, and slowly realized that I loved the photography more than the fashion line. Years later, I closed the chapter on my fashion career as a designer in order to make the switch to photography completely.

  155. When I was 14, my dad made a darkroom in the basement and taught me how to bulk load black and white film and make prints. I remember I learned while making prints of the Maine coastline, where we camped every summer. It was the first time in my life that I became completely absorbed and unaware of time passing, and to this day, 40 years later, I still feel like that when I'm either shooting or doing post production on images.

  156. I always loved art when I was a kid, and I would try to draw and color what I saw. But it looked awful. I was so bad at it! When my parents first got me a cheap little film camera, I realized that I could recreate exactly what I saw in my head (sometimes it was even better). So that's what began my obsession with photos…

  157. I've been interested in photography since I cracked the pages of my first National Geographic magazine. At the tender age of 12, I decided that I wanted to be a photographer for said publication. lol I received my first camera that Christmas, and I've taken thousands of pictures with that little pink and purple Le Clic camera (which I still have). But thankfully I've moved up to the ranks to the 35mm, and then the DSLR. I still have much to learn, and I enjoy every second that I'm behind the lens capturing and recording people and things the way I see them. REAL LIFE, REAL EMOTION. ~ I'm really enjoying everyone's stories, as well! Thank you all for sharing.

  158. I first got really interested in photography in high school. Back then I was mainly interested in nature photography.

  159. Complete accident….. I knew a photographer who needed grunt work done at weddings. It paid money! Overtime I started carrying a camera just for candid BW shots. I began making contact sheets in the darkroom of the shots I took. He realized I had a knack for photography. He started presenting my shots to clients. He sold more of my work than his own. Insecurity invaded his mind. I was no longer needed in his business. Fast forward, I still have the knack for photography.

  160. Back in high school I had a boyfriend who was very interested in photography. During our sophomore year he was diagnosed with leukemia. He pushed me to capture every precious moment and reminded me that there will never be a moment like this one, right now. One day while looking at my work he said to me," Olivia, you are really good at this. Don't ever stop." And I haven't :)

  161. Nichole C. says:

    I grew up in a family that took a lot of pictures so i thought that was the normal way to go about life. When I got married and was ready for my first child I realized why my parents had taken so many pictures. I got my first good 35 mm camera then and loved taking pictures of my husband and new son together. As our family grew it became more fun and economical to take our special pictures myself and I found that I really enjoy trying to capture the everyday random moments in my family's life. Thanks.

  162. My interest in photography began simply…. I wanted to take better photos of my children!

  163. I really wanted to be creative… as an artist for some time. I can't paint or draw, so I thot I could be a real good photographer. Photography is an art. An art by creativity of what we can see, or not see. We are so perfect and see so perfect, and the camera cannot. However, we try so hard to capture what is so perfect. And if the camera is the best for what we can afford, and like to use, then we can capture the perfect, with that creativity in mind. The result is phenomoneal! If not, we fix it! Then we and others can see what we think is the perfect art with our creativity. It can be a scene, or a portrait, or fireworks, or an animal, or a flower, or…. And, we did it!

  164. My mom gave me a camera when I was 8. It was either a Vivitar or a Kodak but it took 110 film and a cube flash. I was fascinated by it and took it everywhere – the ravine behind my house, school trips, the backyard. I've always had a camera in my possession for as long as I can remember. I spent my allowances at MotoPhoto getting doubles and giving them away to friends. My first inspirational photographic moment was shooting a Canon film SLR (Rebel G!) with black and white film through a Picasso installation at the Daley Center in Chicago. When I saw the print, that was it. I was in love with urban architecture photography. Note to self: travel more.

  165. patti rice says:

    My son wanted a good camera so instead of paying someone to do his senior pictures we bought him a really nice camera and I took his senior pictures. They were really good! So I took all my friends kids senior pictures, no charge but I got lots of practice! Then came my first grandson, I was in love and couldn't get enough of taking his picture (more practice)
    Then in 2009 I lost my Mom who was also my best friend to a brain tumor. I don't know how I would have coped without photography. I would go out alone and drive my car around shooting everything! Then I would spend hours editing the pictures and posting them on a national photo website for feedback from other photographers. I learned so much from them!! I was very healing for me and took up alot of my empty time. It was a Godsend for me!!

  166. About 10 years ago, I remember seeing a really simple photo of an old pickup and thinking, "I can do that." I started practicing and reading and taking classes, etc. I've had a love of photography ever since then.

  167. Travel was what got me into the love of photography. I wanted to document the places I was able to see, though I wanted to try to document more than just what I saw. I wanted to capture an emotion, how I was feeling or even what I was smelling, and be able to revisit those memories years later.

  168. Hi. It was around the time that I was ten years old when i started to get interested in photography. We were a family of seven kids and lived on a tight budget. I saved all my money for disposible cameras and film developing instead of guess jeans and cds, which all the other girls my age were buying. At fifteen, I got my first job working in a grocery store and with my first paycheck i bought a 35mm slr and from there i knew I wanted to be a photographer. I joined the yearbook and photography club in high school and enrolled in NAITs photography program. For the last five years I ve made my dream job a reality and I am so thankful to all my clients, family & friends who have helped make it so.

  169. Film got me interested in photography … It's so fitting that a Holga is the give-away! :) Seriously though, my dad gave me an old SLR … I shot an expired roll of film with it which turned out cooler than I could have imagined. Years later, I was an art major and film, once again, came back into my life. I'm a really sentimental person, so being able to freeze a moment in time in such a tangible, beautiful way was awesome. I love it.

  170. I love capturing and freezing the greatest moments in people's lives.

  171. I first got interested in photography…really interested…after having my third child. My love for it has grown ever since.

  172. Dominique says:

    When I was 8, my dad gave me this old disk film camera with a bunch of film and said.. 'knock yourself out'. Since then, I've always took pictures of what we do.. I can't tell you how many photographs I have of my childhood friends and my family posing for me. I am super thankful to have those memories to this day… I thank my dad for getting me that camera 18 years ago.. it got me hooked right away…

  173. I'm sentimental. Too sentimental at times! But photography gave me a great way to remember little moments in life, so even as a kid, I was hooked. Then my dad taught me the basics of photo composition. I realized there was technique involved, and it was actually an art form!

  174. I've always had an interest, but when I went through a life changing event, I turned to the camera as a sort of therapy.
    I haven't put it down since ;)

  175. I have always been crazy about keeping 'memories'. I started taking pictures when I was in Jr. High all the time, because I wanted to be sure that I could look back as I got older and remember all the things that my friends and I did. I know have boxes upon boxes of prints from 5th grade all the way up to now. After having my first son, I became addicted. lol My kids think I'm nuts, but I know that when they're older, they will appreciate having these reminders of their childhood. :0 )

  176. One summer in high school, I went on a European adventure with my mom and my aunt. The previous Christmas I had unwrapped a Kodak Easyshare – yeah, super cool at the time – and had started photographing EVERYTHING. But it wasn't until that summer that I realized I could relive the beauty of a place, or a time, or a person over and over again. It was like I forgot until I looked again. Everything was photogenic there… I was totally captivated. My name has obvious meaning, but Autumn is also a season of remembrance. There's just something about it. And now I see that that's what photography is in a lot of ways. Photographs are reminders whispering to us, "Don't forget. Don't forget." And I love that.

  177. I never really cared much about photography, and I didn't emerge from the womb with a camera in my hand. I thought portrait and wedding photos were stiff and boring, and fine art stuff was too "artsy" for me, and I wasn't an artsy person. Then I saw a friend's blog a few years ago who had a way more "lifestyle" style. I couldn't believe how loose and awesome photography could be! I bought myself a DSLR, threw myself into learning everything I could, and never looked back. :)

  178. Shara Bierman says:

    I've always liked capturing moments, but what's gotten me pursuing something more professionally is my daughter. I love taking photo's of her and trying to capture her uniqueness. Now I love taking photo's of all kinds of people and trying to capture their uniqueness.

  179. My journey began with a lavendar-box camera with the "binocular" shaped film. To get my prints from my camera was SO exciting! Later, I really dove into photography when my grandfather could no longer enjoy taking pictures. I wanted to let him know that his hobby was important to me. My shutter button has been going ever since :)

  180. So I have been into photography for a while now. I think I got my first camera at age 8 or 9 and I was hooked. But I started really getting into it when I was about 15 setting up fashion photo shoots with my cousin….still shooting just B&W at this point….later on I was still obsessed with it….still shooting film when everyone else had digital….then finally I found myself talking classes & quiting my job. I'm still shooting film….but now I've added digital. I lOVE Photography & I've never tried the Holga camera-but would really like too : )

  181. I knew I was into photography when I was walking backwards trying to get a shot and fell into a concrete ditch. I went from seeing smiling happy faces to seeing the sky. Even then, my first thought was "I should photograph those clouds and stars" followed by "where is my camera?" then "wait– why am i laying down…why does my head hurt and why are these people frantically coming to see me". I actually fell pretty hard and my camera broke.
    When I had to do with out my cam, while it was getting repaired, that's when I knew I was in love.
    If I could get a camera surgically attached to my palm I would.

  182. I first got interested in photography in the 4th grade (in the 1970's). I had a 110 camera with the flash block…. I LOVED taking pictures of my friends. People have always been my favorite subjects, and they still are!
    I knew when photography was my first thought upon waking and my last thought before going to bed that I was hooked!

  183. My dad's old 35 mm camera. I used to play with it as a kid, but there was never any film in it. I used to walk around with the camera and pretend as though I was taking pictures. I still do that to this day – I often see things and find myself composing the photo in my mind that I'd take if I had my camera.

  184. my first real experience with photography was in high school. i had an amazing teacher and instantly fell in love with it. I have to say I really do miss my days of working in a dark room :)

  185. April Merrick says:

    My first clear memories of photography is looking at slides that my Dad had taken. Hold them up to the light and all the colors would pop. He also had an Ansel Adams book I would spend hours just staring at the photos.

  186. my kiddos. Capturing all the little details.

  187. When I was about 6 (I am not 57) my dad left his Kodak Brownie sitting on the counter in the kitchen. I saw it and just had to touch it. I managed to trip the shutter while looking right into the lens. The flash fired and I was caught in the act forever. From that forward I have been taking pictures.

  188. My opportunity to study abroad in Italy during Architecture school sparked my interest for photography. I had a 35mm and a chunky 3mp digital camera (back when digital just started!) and tried to capture every moment of that year to hold onto forever. But I can't say that I truly fell in love with photography until I started planning my own wedding. The photographers I encountered during my search inspired me in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. Medium format film is actually where my heart is right now….. =)

  189. I got interested in photography as a way to document my travels and I've been hooked ever since!

  190. I saw that in photography, there was an incredible amount of potential. Not just potential for creativity beauty, form, light, documenting the moment or telling the story, but potential for creating something that came out of my own response to what I see and my experiences. Photography is a way to express my experiences in a tangible, visual way that I can share with everyone or enjoy for myself.

  191. Well, what got me interested in fotography is quite a coincidence… i was at my cousins marriage some 8 years back and my uncle had a SLR with him..( this was a time the pros preferred films to digital.
    and the catch was that the one owned by my uncle was superior to the one used by the pro :)
    That had me addicted to fotography and quest to improve myself :)

  192. When I was a kid, I was completely fascinated by the photographic process. My dad had his own darkroom before I was born, but stopped after that. I remember him first showing me how his Pentax K1000 worked, and I was hooked. As soon as I started making money, I bought as much film as I could afford. I photographed a friends wedding about 2 years ago, and was completely terrified and couldn't pick up a camera for over a year. Now I'm newly married and finding my muse and renewing passion for the craft I once loved as a boy. I've loved Holgas since studying photography about 10 years ago and seeing the incredible images from the 'cool kids' who had them. I love medium format! H4D someday!!

  193. Since I can remember, I have loved photography. My mom worked at a photo lab when I was very little, and took tons of photos of us as kids, and as a result has stacks and stacks of albums of my childhood. Friends and I used to dress up and have photo shoots together when we were about 11 or so, and did this for years! I always had a camera with me… always. When I had my first son, I bought my first SLR (9 years ago) so I could take pictures of his sweet little chubby feet. I decided to pursue it as a business 3 1/2 years ago, and am so thankful I did. When I am shooting, I am so happy! I know the impact that photos have… how important they are and I am so blessed to be asked to capture moments in a family's life for them. Thanks Rob & Lauren… You guys are awesome, and through this site you are sharing your love for photography (and your knowledge) with so many! hugs to you both! xoxo

  194. I've always loved and appreciated good photography but it wasn't really anything that I pursued at first. I bought my first DSLR after my daughter was born but used it on auto and I was completely content with that. After my son was born, I *really* battled with post partum depression. I used photography as my outlet and distraction. I dove right in and have been learning, reading and researching all that I can get my hands on since. What started as a much needed distraction turned into a passion.

  195. The moment I was first interested in photography was when I took my mom's point and shoot Canon camera and had a "model shoot" (basically dressing up and putting on dramatic/awful makeup) with my friends at 12 years old. I found out how fun it was to just be able to manipulate a photo into something artistic and beautiful and have been inseparable from one since. :) Even though I'm not a pro, it will always be a huge passion of mine!

  196. Its hard to say when I first became interested in photography. When I was a child my parents would joke that my five favorite words were "can I look in there" anytime a camera was nearby. Ever since then I've enjoyed the ability to capture a moment – some better, some worse!

  197. My first memory of photography was as a child, looking at the pictures my parents took (and my own from my 110 film camera – which I thought was the best thing in the world!). As an Air Force brat, moving around every 3 years, those pictures were one of the few things that I could hold on to that never moved away. I ended up "stealing" my parent's photo albums and looking through them, to simply remember. Remember the friends. The feelings. The sounds. The smells. I treasured them. As time passed, older memories were replaced with newer ones, but regardless of how much time had passed, I was still able to experience that rush of feelings and emotions that occurred when I looked at those old photos again. This type of feeling is what drives me still today – to create that connection for people to treasure.

  198. When I was 11, I stole my uncle's Sports Illustrated because I was fascinated with the pictures. I loved how the camera could literally stop time and freeze a man in midair. When I got to high school, I took my first photography class. For our first assignment, we made pinhole cameras out of oatmeal containers and ventured out into the parking lot to learn about exposure and lighting. I've been hooked ever since!

  199. I had always loved taking pictures, mostly just snap shots with friends. When I was in highschool my girlfriends and I were constantly posing for pictures and framing them to be put all over our rooms. For my senior project in highschool, I chose to learn photography on an old manual film camera. It was then that I fell in love. I loved, looking around my daily life and framing things over and over again for a shot. I spent many years in college with that heavy metal bodied manual camera strapped around my neck, and then night after night basically living in the dark room. I've since made the switch over to digital, but film still tugs at my heart. I recently have fallen in love with toy cameras. They are a whole new personal obsession.

  200. When I was young I loved looking through my dad's photo albums of pictures he took while in high school. They were B&W photos and everything seemed so timeless and so real. He taught me how to use his film camera and I would take pictures with that. Now, I am pursuing my love for photography and capturing those wonderful moments in life for all to enjoy after the years go by. I love it!

  201. I watched my dad lug around his old canon throughout my childhood. It was a fascination that came naturally. I bought my first camera when I was 7 or 8 and just kept going from there. The love for photography never stopped!

  202. National geographic. obsessed much.

  203. the hours i spent as a kid sorting through old photo prints from my parent's families.

  204. I was studing geography in university and doing field work in the most amazingly beautiful spots and started to appreciate the ability to capture a moment like that forever. My interest has since totally changed after having two kids — now I just want to capture them and their amazingly beautiful personalities :)

  205. I had a baby ~ and I wanted better pictures in my kids' baby books than I had in mine. Then, I stumbled on Tara Whitney's, Audrey Woylard's and Jessica Claire's websites, and I was a goner.

  206. When I was 10 or 11 my neighbor gave me her old camera and I have loved it since then.

  207. What got me interested in photography? Watching my dad take pictures with his Yashica 35MM camera as a kid. Several years later, I developed an image in a darkroom; seeing the picture magically appear hooked me. Now it's all about digital but seeing those moments frozen in time are still magical.

  208. My mum always had a camera…and taught me her love for photography at a young age. I took classes in high school and did my senior project about starting and running a photography business. it became my passion and I can't imagine my life without it. I can see things through my camera that I can't see with just my eyes….

  209. I don't know for sure, but I remember always wanting cameras and having an old 110 as a little girl and always begging for film for it.

  210. I would most take pictures of nature as a child. I loved the colors that are out there!

    Later, when I REALLY got into photography, it was all about portraits and sunsets. I had friends that were really into photography. They taught me more and so my photos became more. I recognized what I could do with a camera and my passion intensified!

  211. Living in Venice, CA when I was a student at UCLA, I took my first photography class (almost 20 years!) and I was totally inspired by all the amazing walls, doors, and windows.

  212. I really got into photography when a photographer boyfriend helped me buy my first SLR camera – an Olympus OM1. It was my best buddy for many years! I now shoot a canon digital slr – often thru the viewfinder of a kodak duaflex camera. The Holga images remind me of those a little. Thanks for this opportunity! xoxo

  213. elizabeth says:

    I started to love Black and white photography when I first saw the book, The Family of Children. I still have it here with me. I bought it in 1977. I keep it in bookcase right here next to my desk. I love film, but now love digital. I had a very sad and scarey childhood and photgraphy gave me ways to "hide" behind a camera and make people happy.

  214. I got into photography as a way to document my life as a mom of 10 kids.

  215. I was in high school and I chose a study project on photography. My passion was revived after I had kids.

  216. My firstborn son got me interested in photography — as he was just a baby, I wanted beautiful images of him and I wanted to do it — so I taught myself…. and still learning today! ;)

  217. My kids. I didn't want to miss a thing. Started out with an SLR and film and got really frustrated that 4 out of 24 exposures were any good. As soon as I could afford digital, I was hooked. Now people pay me to take their photos and I'm packing a Canon 5D with my 24-70/2.8 sweet lens. I've come a long way in 5 years and I'd have to say I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for my kids.

  218. I would have to say that it was seeing other people's incredible images and imagining that I could do the same. That was before kids…but now with kids, forget it, I'm hooked. I have a camera with me snapping up memories left and right. I don't want to forget one moment and I know how important pictures are to preserving their memories of childhood.

  219. My dad had a 35mm SLR when I was a kid. All of the buttons and reels fascinated me. As a teenager I took to hauling it around – to the State Fair, to France, anywhere I could think to take it. I was especially enamored with black and white film. I was really sad when my parents gave the camera to my sister a few years after I moved out.

    Anyway, I'd love to have a cool film camera to shoot with. Love my digital SLR, but there is something about film…

  220. Katie Hillis says:

    I would look through my dad's photographs for hours when I was a child. I took his camera and pretended to be a photographer working for National Geographic! He bought my first film camera when I was in middle school… I haven't stopped taking pictures!

  221. What got me interested in photography? Probably my dad and a picture he took at Cumberland Island…it captured the *feel* of the place, not just the look. That turned me on to the idea that a picture can show more than just what is in front of you! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  222. I first became interested in photography in college. I noticed so many small and beautiful details in my life that I wanted to trap them in that moment and hoard them for myself to remember always. I wanted to be able to remember the feeling, the smell, the essence of that place in time at that particular moment.

  223. I can't even remember, I have always just loved capturing candid expressions and moments that really create a memory of a specific moment. I love looking through old pictures of when my dad was younger so I want to create that memory for as many people as I can so in 50 years they can look back with joy.

  224. Brooke Hoffman says:

    My first memory of taking pictures is with a really sweet Barbie 35mm. If only I could find those pictures today! Whoever said Barbie is a bad role model clearly is mistaken, she led me to my life's passion :)

  225. I have travelled a lot, ever since I was a little kid. There was always something new and exciting to see and capture, and i wanted a way to be able to share these things with my friends back home. slowly, i started taking over my father's camera on trips (he was always a good example of capture every moment, even the 'ordinary')

  226. the moment i really knew i was in love with photography was when i took my first college class and got to be in the darkroom developing my first contact sheet!!

    i've never used a holga camera…crossing my fingers! :)


  227. The camera was there to help create pictures that would jog the memory. Even if the picture was blurry or "not perfect" in composition, there was always a visual cue to illicte the story behind the picture. That's how it started as a kid. Later in life, in your growing early adult years, then you start becoming a perfectionist, a visionist. And you never stop wanting to get better. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  228. I first got into photography when I was really young. I would always take my parents disposable cameras at events and take pictures of everyone. For me it was about capturing memories. And it was always exciting to when I saved up enough money to develop the film :) Once I went digital I realized that it was a passion and that I needed to follow it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway !!

  229. my dad, who quit his regular job as an engineer to become an artistic photographer and sell his pictures at art fairs all over the west coast.

  230. when I was young I started taking tons of shots and started hearing that I had a good eye. I haven't officially pursued photography as a career but it's always been something I just love. Other photographers inspire me to try new things.

  231. There were 2 things that got me interested in photography. First was my Grandfathers beautiful old albums. There are shots of is family in Africa in the 1920's and 1930's, and well as wartime shots as well. They are beautiful and truly a piece of history.
    The second thing was the birth of my first son. Wanting to capture your childs life on film is a great way to inspire.

  232. When I was in high school I saw some photos my great-grandfather's cousin had taken when he worked for the Roosevelt administration during WWII. They were great examples of documentary photography — visually stunning and storytelling tools for the world around him. It made me want to go beyond just "taking pictures" to creating images with meaning.

  233. i first became interested in photography when my son was little. it was important to me to catch as many details as possible as they grow so fast. :)

  234. Christina C says:

    What first got me interested in photography was when I was in elementary school and I remember being mesmerized by the photos in National Geographic's. I remember thinking how amazing it would be to fly around the world capturing such beauty on film.

  235. I was drawn to photography when I decided to really learn how to use my camera. I found that I had so much more to focus on getting my exposure right, that I forgot about every other problem in the world. It's my meditation.

  236. Ever since I was a child, I've enjoyed taking photos, but I must say I really fell in love with photography during my senior year of college when I took my first class and learned to develop and print black and white film. I haven't looked back since.

  237. mary bartolotta says:

    I remember being interested in pictures when i was only 11-12. I think I had an old Kodak and took pictures wherever our family was. My interest actually intesified as I grew older and when I graduated from college almost 30 years ago, my parents gave me what I though was a "real" camera (figuring it would take better pictures than the little Kodak). It was a Pentax that I still have today.

  238. Travel! I went to visit the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and the architecture was just overwhelming. I wished I could photograph every single corner and did as much as I could with my little handheld Sony. I've finally got my hands on a Canon Rebel and I am falling in love with it. I've always known the importance of a strong, composed picture!

  239. Goes way back to when i was young, I was always amazed by the photos of the adults I knew as kids, they made my heart ache and sing all at the same time :)!!

  240. My high school art teacher also taught photography. I signed up for the course and fell in love.

  241. kip Thulin says:

    When I was 8 years of age, I took my moms camera and took a picture of the back of her head, from the back seat of our 57 chevy! I was in big trouble… to say the least, but that particular moment sparked my interest in photography, have been taking pictures ever since!

  242. Photography has always been a part of my life. My parents have boxes of slides and photos of family vacations going way back.

  243. My dad was always the one taking the photos when I was a kid, at first with a Brownie camera. Then he upgraded to a Minolta, and I always wanted to learn to use it. I was fascinated by the idea that you could freeze a moment in time; I think that's why I've always been drawn to really old photos. Disposables came out when I was in high school and I spent a lot of my job money on them (and film processing), and I finally got my first "real" camera when I was sixteen. I still have it, a Pentax K-1000.

  244. I took my mom's 110 camera on a class trip to Washington D.C. over 30 years ago. I loved finding great scenes to capture and was shocked at how stunning some of the pictures turned out. I was hooked from that moment on.

  245. No fancy story behind it. I was a graphic designer who needed to build a library of stock images so I bought myself a camera.

  246. i've always been interested in photography but didn't get serious with picture taking until i had my son…i wanted to capture every moment and almost 7 years later its something i must do…for me!

  247. Natalie Haney says:

    I have loved photography for years and years and years. I graduated, became a nurse, a wife, a mother…..then finally said…I am doing this for me! So I started up my photography hobby and have never looked back. I read and read and read…everyday,…even for 10 minutes about subjects/topics to improve my photography. Love it…forever!

  248. My interest grew from an early age, when I discovered that everything I fancied from a dilapitated barn, my cat Mittens, or my sisters hanging out in the branches of our backyard apple tree could be captured on film and treasured for years to come.

  249. My earliest memories of photography involve looking through my parents' photo albums. They were never the 'let's sit down all together and look at them' kind of people, but I always seemed to know where the albums where, no matter what new house or country we were were in. I loved looking through them and knowing that these very different people (my father is British, born in the 40s and my mother is Tanzanian, born in the late 50s) were related or connected to me somehow and that although I'd never meet some of them, I could still get to know them a little bit through these amazing glimpses into their lives. Begging my parents to let me shoot while on vacation, traveling or just at home was a very natural extension of that love.

  250. I guess my son first got me interested in photography. I wanted to be able to catch his actions instead of getting blurry shots. Then I wanted to be able to capture the beauty of his blue eyes and preserve all the memories for years to come!

  251. my dad worked at Kodak, so there were lots of pictures taken when I was growing up…but now I am inspired by all of the great photographers I find on the web!

  252. I remember the first time I started photography I was looking around google images for a desktop wallpaper. I eventually found a really awesome picture of a grass field and I thought to myself, “Wow, I really want to be the one taking those pictures”, and taking my family’s point-and-shoot, looking for a nature trail or something. The pictures were blurry and terrible, but it was still one of the coolest things i’d done. I went back out about 10-12 times that month, and found that my pictures were getting exponentially better. That was only a year ago, and I’m already seriously considering starting a legitimate photography business.

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