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For a professional photographer what is as important as creative or artistic inspiration? Business inspiration!

I first started reading Fast Company in university. We had to read case studies and articles for an organizational management class. The really interesting part of these case studies was getting to see how companies handled problems differently.

Every company faces a unique set of challenges that they must overcome to be successful. Photographers are no different. Despite the fact that many of us have similar output end goals (amazing images!) we’re all different people and need to utilize different methods to best achieve our goals for our particular situations.

Fast Company is the online magazine to read for business inspiration. Give it a browse every once and a while. Keep an open mind. You’ll find that on a business level you face some of the same problems a lot of other companies face. Learning how they overcome problems and their stories will give you new ideas for your business!

Have you seen the new Old Spice commercials? I’m on a horse! Fast Company has an interview with the brilliant creative team behind the ads who are taking social media marketing / advertising to a whole new level. Read about it here!


Where do you go to get inspiration for your business?

Rob Lim

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