Movie Night: 3 Documentaries for Photographers of All Kinds!

Looking for a photography-themed documentary for your next movie night? Well, no matter what type of photography you’re into, there’s a film that is sure to please! Check out these three great ones and pick the one that sounds most fascinating to you. Then get some popcorn, and enjoy!

For photographers interested in history, war history, photojournalism or philosophy

The Mexican Suitcase

Mexican SuitcaseIMDB Rating: 7.9
This powerful documentary details how photographers Robert Capa, David “Chim” Seymour and Gerda Taro pioneered modern combat photography during the Spanish Civil War. Follow along as the movie explains how three boxes of the group’s negatives ended up travelling from Spain to Mexico, asking important questions along the way about the role of photography in history and the ownership of images. Available on Netflix in Canada and the USA.


For photographers who dig nature or adventure



IMDB Rating: 9.2
The BBC is known for putting together visually stunning television series about our planet’s natural wonders. Their Life series, narrated by the always-illuminating naturalist Sir David Attenborough, doesn’t disappoint, taking you around the world to look at creatures boasting impressive and unusual survival strategies. Unlike other series hosted by Attenborough, each 60-minute episode features a 10-minute segment, Life on Location, that provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the episode was made – a great addition for those of you interested in picking up some tips!


For photographers interested in photojournalism or art, or who are looking for a bit of inspirational instruction

The Impassioned Eye

Impassioned-EyeIMDB Rating: 7.1
Learn about the life and work of the father of modern photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson, through this series of thoughtful interviews with the late photographer himself. Pick up tips as Cartier-Bresson shares stories about how some of his most famous images were made. If you’re interested in street photography, or are just looking for some inspiration, this one’s for you!



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