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With Christmas right around the corner I’m sure you’ll find yourself at the post office a couple times over the next few weeks. If you’re a Canadian business you may want to consider signing up for Canada Post’s VentureOne program.

They’ll send you a card that you present each time you ship something at the post office. It will save you an average of 5% on the cost of shipping. And I think for regular shipping you get bumped up to the next fastest option for free.

5% may not seem like a ton, but when you ship dozens and dozens of packages a year you’re definitely going to notice the savings.

I checked to see if USPS had a similar program but I couldn’t find anything (you can visit the business section of their site here)

If you’re in another part of the world it’s probably worth checking to see if your postal service offers any sort of business discount program.

If you know of any other shipping discount programs leave a note in the comments!

Rob Lim

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