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A big part of photography is what gear to use. There’s so much stuff out there it can be difficult to know where to start.

Over the years we’ve created lots of gear guides and blogs posts in order to help give effective recommendations, but it’s not easy keeping everything up to date (gear changes so quickly!).

After trying out kit.com I was really impressed how easy it is to put together a gear guide.

You can click here to see some of the guides I’ve set up so far.

I’ll be creating more guides over the next few weeks to cover the wide range of photography related gear we use and review.

One of the benefits of using kit.com is that we’re able to use our Amazon.com and B&H affiliate links. So if you find any of our recommendations or reviews useful you can help support us and this website by purchasing your gear through the links on our kit page (or the links on our site). It doesn’t cost you anything extra to purchase through our affiliate links, but lets us earn a small commission from the sale.

Here’s just one list from our kit.com profile. This is our current camera and lense gear:


Let me know what you think of kit.com and how it looks/feels embedded in the site. Thanks!

Rob Lim

Hi there, I’m Rob! I’m a photography ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I love all things photography: shooting, teaching and always learning more! If I’m not reading up on the latest photography news, or studying a technique, I’m probably reading a book or planning our next adventure!

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