What Kind Of Photographer Are You?


Photographers come in all shapes and sizes. Not only do they each have their own view of the world, but they also love different aspects of the great big discipline of photography.

You’re a unique photographer. There are certain parts of photography that get you super excited. Different elements of the craft fill you with energy and make your shutter finger get twitchy, just dying to go take some photos!

So here are a few different kinds of photographers. Which one sounds most like you? Or are you one of those loveable hybrids, that draw from a few different types? Figure it out, then tell us who you are in the comments!



You love learning the ins and outs of the technique of photography. You can be found setting up a dozen lights, in search of that perfect ratio. You know the exact time of day when the sun sets and produces the most beautiful tones for your images. You are on a quest to master composition, and are intimately aware of all the functions and features of your gear.

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You adore studying photography and can often be found in the Photography section of your local bookstore or library. You have shelves of books ranging from technical manuals to inspiring art collections. You’re fascinated with the history of photography, and love learning about the different photographers who helped shape the craft.

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Photography is your work. You’re always thinking about what new products you can create for your clients, and the creative ways to market your services. You excel at communicating the value of what you do, and work hard to keep your business organized and productive.

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You love the social aspect that photography provides. You frequent photography forums, and love getting to know the other members and joining their discussions. You go to photo meet ups, and have tons of photo friends on different social media sites. You value the community and camaraderie of photography.

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You use photography as a way to document life. You’re the one at all the events with a camera in hand, recording the special moments around you. You have years and years of photos, and love to spend time looking through them and enjoying the memories they stir up.

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You are passionate about doing good and helping others, and see photography as a way to achieve that. You like to use your photos to create change, to spread a message, and to make a difference.

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You spend time thinking about the message of your work. You shoot to capture a feeling. You’re not afraid to experiment and think outside the box in order to create something new. You are deeply connected to your photos.

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Now the big question! Which type are you? Does one speak strongly to you? Or are you a mix of a few? Is there a type that we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

Lauren Lim

Hey friend, I’m Lauren! I’m a photographer and head ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.

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  1. Do-gooder, through and through. I’d like to be more of an artist and a better technician. I love this article! :)

  2. I think I’m a combination of The Technician, The Scholar, The Businessperson, and The Do-Gooder. Such a cute article! (:

  3. While reading this I was able to pick out exactly which type of photographer I am! I’d say that I’m a mix of a few. I’m a mix of a Do-Gooder, Social Butterfly, and Businessperson. I find such a high interest in communicating with other photographers, to learn and be inspired along with working hard to develop a way of helping others. I also use photography as a way to make an income because of the benefit of sharing my message with others. It’s very exciting to have titles for these positions now! Thank you.

  4. Sharon K. Jackson (The Picturelady) says:

    I am a combination of a Documentarian and an Artist. I always have a camera with me and am constantly looking for photo opportunities. I work with young children and enjoy capturing pictures of them at play and involved in other activities. I love capturing their many expressions and often do theme based exhibits at the school.
    I also love street photography and although I don’t consider myself a Scholar I am totally fascinated with the work and story of Vivian Maier. I saw the exhibit of her work here in Chicago last year and the documentary on Public TV (WTTW). Her story brought me to tears because I see myself in her. I am still somewhat shy about showing my photographs, always thinking that they aren’t good enough or that people won’t understand my thoughts behind them.
    Finally, I guess I can say that I am a little bit of a Do-Gooder as I do use my photos to make others feel good. I hope!

  5. WoW ~ am I one eclectic mix! Predominantly I’d say I’m definitely a documentarian, with a hint of do-gooder thrown in. I’d like to ‘think’ I’m an artist, but in reality probably not so much, except that I do try to shoot to capture a feeling. I am quite business-y in my head ~ full of great ideas, but currently without the funds or time to execute many of them :( So I compensate by being a social butterfly and trying to get a name that way. I do enjoy the forums etc… but again time is a hindrance to how truly sociable I can be. I am scholar and technician in equal measure I’d say ~ I love my magazine subscription and am very interested in the history of photography, but I’m very image driven and so I don’t do a massive amount of actual ‘reading’, probably not as much as I should!

    So that’s me :D

  6. Great article, and something different. :) I associate more strongly with the Scholar, as I’m constantly reading about photography, trying to learn as much as possible each and every day. I can’t seem to get enough. I’m also the Documentarian and Do-Gooder. It seems the combination of those two things work well together. Have a great week! :)

  7. The Artist – that works for me :)

  8. If the Documentarian includes nature then that is me!

  9. I think maybe the documentarian and artist. I am learning to be the businessperson, but that has been the most challenging. :)

  10. Tough to classify as just one type, I’d definitely be a mashup of all! Great post.

  11. I am definitely the Technician and Scholar type now! I am in my third year of my associates degree (going part time) in photography and I LOVE to know how things all work technically together. I have taken lots of Photo History classes and I love to swoon over very old photos. :)

  12. Probably the ‘Do Gooder’ and the ‘Artist’.

  13. I was reading this article and I think I’m a mixture of all of the above – I started photography because it was something I was good at. Then I got my very first dog, and I started taking pictures of her to document her life. Because of her, I met so many amazing dog parents, and started photographing their dogs…and it’s taken off from there. But the reason I photograph is to capture that moment – the space of a second – that can trigger memories from an entire day even years later. I look back on pictures I took of Reese when she was 6 weeks old and am instantly transported back to the day I made her mine…and all of the times between then and now. Same goes with family and friends – I do it because it’s something I love, and I want to be able to share my talent with others and help them have memories of what is important to them.

  14. I’m a beginner on photography and had been wanting to do this for years and years but never made up my mind until now. Ive always love creating new things and love the arts and crafts. So as I’m starting this new journey and reading this article has given me perspective on what areas of photography I fit best. Ive done accounting for the past 16 years. But love the arts as well and love helping and inspiring others. So I fit in the Businessperson, the do-Gooder and the Artist…Thanks soooo much Lauren and Rob. You are are truely a blessing!! You are definitely taking me to great start!!:)

  15. I’m definitely a Documentarian, with a bit of Do-Gooder mixed in there. However there are also aspects of all of them I connect with – the Artist, because I want my work to say something, the Businessperson, because I’m always hounding out different working opportunities. The Social Butterfly, because I want to connect to the photographic world, and maybe a bit of the Technician, too. More than anything else, though, the Documentarian. :) Cute article!

  16. I think you should add: “the beauty seeker”. I’m surprised it’s not here :) I photograph to capture beauty around me and show people how thankful we should be about what we have !
    However, amazing article, i might be one of the first and second one too :)

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