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Upload from January 17, 2012

Update: Contest is closed and we’re contacting the winner! Thanks for entering and sharing yoru favorite thing about vegas!

Woah exciting news! We are heading to WPPI in Las Vegas next month! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference, and it’s huuuuuuuge. This will be our very first time—both at the convention and in Vegas, so we’re pretty pumped!

What’s also crazy exciting (perhaps even more so!) is that our friends over at Vision Art Fine Art Books have generously offered to hook one of our readers up with a Full Registration Pass! That’s a $399 value don’tcha know. Pretty rad eh?

How To Enter:

To enter to win all you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question:

What’s your favourite thing about Vegas? (Or, if you haven’t been, what would you most want to see?)

Having not been before we’re super open to any recommendations you might have for us!

P.S. If you aren’t entering, but still have some tips for us, then just put a * in front of your comment and we won’t count it as an entry :)

Fine Print

  • One entry per person please!
  • Leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win
  • We’ll close the giveaway on Friday, January 20 at Midnight MST

If you’re planning on going then make sure to say hi if you see us! We’ll be the super pale Canadians looking slightly overwhelmed!!

One final thanks to Vision Art for setting this up. Make sure to check out our full review of their gorgeous albums. These books will knock your socks off!

Lauren Lim

Hey friend, I’m Lauren! I’m a photographer and head ninja here at Photography Concentrate. I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.


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  1. For the love of God I would look forward to warm weather! This -40 is brutal!

    Tips I've heard for WPPI:
    Bring a backpack for all the free stuff given out at the trade show.
    Prep your liver for the parties.
    Don't intend on sleeping much.

  2. I love Vegas! My favorite part is just walking around at night and looking at all the lights. Even at 3 in the morning, the place is jumping!

  3. *we will be in India when you head to Vegas, we can't enter as much as I'd love to! I haven't been to Vegas yet, but I hear there are some stellar shows to see… And I would def be up for some outlet shopping! Have fun guys, looking forward to hearing about it!

  4. Bobbet Little says:

    I want to see everything!!! I have never been to Vegas before. I would be most excited to attend WPPI to see everything in the world of photography.

  5. Las Vegas is the best place to people watch. As an avid people watcher, I really have a great time seeing a wide array of people from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, etc. It's just a really soothing hobby of mine. One time, Mike and I people watched for 2 hours while we were in Seattle. Are we weird? maybe. But if you try it, you'll thoroughly enjoy every moment.

    Tips: Don't forgot your chapstick.

  6. What i love about Vegas is that its my second home. I graduated at UNLV and lived in Vegas for 9 years. The community of Las Vegas has a huge spot in my heart!

    I would love to attend WPPI again. My tips for you is plan a ahead on everything you want to see and bring a tape recorder. I saw a ton of people doing that last year. So much information that they give out and you can listen again when you get home! :) Have fun.. Hope to see you there. Thanks Photography Concentrate for this awesome giveaway

  7. Oh man. I've never been to Vegas either, but my BIGGEST hope would be just to soak up ideas, inspiration, and tips for the next year of my work. I've been doing photography for 3 years now, but only recently broke off on my own last May. It's been one of the most exciting, laborious, and WORTHWHILE experiences of my life. To sit at the feet of such masters of the art and just glean. My my. :) It would be an honor! I've been dreaming of going to WPPI for years now.

    Buuut, I'm also pretty convinced that Elvis lives there. So that'd be cool too. :)

    Pick me! You won't regret it! I'll even do that thing where you take pictures with a stuffed animal to document the experience. That's totally bloggable. ;)

  8. I love Vegas!
    So many fabulous things to do and see!
    I love walking everywhere in scorching heat, drinking a mile long margarita (as you walk on the public streets), shopping till your hearts content including many super deals, eating at my favourite place to eat in the world (Cane's chicken fingers, they are simply the best), stopping by the famous Neon sign and riding the roller coaster at Circus Circus, at night and slightly intoxicated!
    Viva Las Vegas!

  9. Plan your trek thru the expo floor for must see booths and don't be to upset if you find there was not enough time to see everything. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. rachaelmarie says:

    i have never been to vegas…i don't actually know much about vegas. but i do have a friend who lives there, so i would be most excited to see her. obviously, what i would love most is to attend wppi and live up to the challenge i issued myself for 2012 to get out there + live it up.

  11. Dana Klein says:

    My favorite thing about Vegas?? EVERYTHING – from the food to the shows to the hand full of Elvis look alikes walking down the street. Not to mention Vegas is….a photographers playground – tons of photo ops!! I'm a sucker for the fountain watershow outside the Bellagio Hotel.

  12. Cirque du Soleil. It will change your life :)

    Really, it's the best show in Vegas–highly recommended.

  13. Tanya Brennan says:

    I've never been to Vegas so I wanna see everything!!

  14. the stratosphere

  15. T. Rossmann says:

    the nightclubs :)

  16. Time Capsule Studios says:

    cirque de solei

  17. After 4 years going every February, it would seem like I didn't have much else to cover. The first 2 years I was so wrapped up in classes I barely ventured out. This year? I'm all about experiencing the city too! Getting out on some shootouts!

    A few newb tips:

    -Bring Morning snacks & Coffee if you don't want to brave the Starbucks Rush.
    -Don't carry too much to classes- A point & shoot or phone does fine recording info. A DSLR is usually way too much to lug around (unless you are photographing the presenter)
    -Get yourself OUT THERE! MEET PEOPLE! Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
    -Go to a party. One sponsored by photogs. You won't regret it.


  18. I'd love to go to WPPI! I keep saying next year but hope to go soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Wear the most comfortable shoes you own. When you get out of the plane, the first thing that will blow your mind is just how HUGE everything is. Each casino/hotel takes up a whole city block. It's massive.

    Try to plan some time to see the Hoover Dam and if possible, the Grand Canyon. Amazing!

    "Quiet time" in Vegas is about 6am to 11am. Other than that, it's an adult playground. With their open container laws, you can walk down the street with an open drink. And you will get a lot of porn thrown at you. Crazysauce.

    Try to catch the Bellagio fountains – very cool and free!

    Have a great time! And remember, you can sleep on the way home!


  19. maybe they're campy, but I could stare at the bellagio fountains for hours. The sheer scale, and the technology that went in to them is mesmerizing.

    I am also going to WPPI! I can't believe seasoned travelers such as yourselves have not been yet!

  20. Shopping and poker – I've never been so I'd want to see it all!

  21. I was there last year to see Garth Brooks. He was amazing!! There are so many great things to do though. Of course, check out the Bellagio fountains!

    And thanks for the chance for tickets. I would LOVE to go.

  22. Chelsea Tademy says:

    I've never been but I would love to see the lights and visit the "big city"! My husband has been begging me to go on vacation to a big city (we live in a moderately sized city in southwest Louisiana) for about a year now! What better way to spend time visiting where you have never been, than do so while going to a photography conference! I'd be super exited to go to WPPI and meet you two :)

  23. I've never been to Vegas but have seen pictures and the strip looks so cool all lit up at night. I'd love to see that :)

  24. Miranda glaeser says:

    Even if you're not a country music fan (and I'm not). Garth Brooks is absolutely amazing! Or "O" by cirque du soleil- their best one.

  25. Well, let me me think… I guess it would have to be the smack you in face AWESOMENESS of the legendary city of Vegas. Obviously, the nightlife, the opulence, and drumroll please… it would be the first time lil' Wen K has stepped foot onto the mainland of the U.S.A. I've flown through the U.S. to go onto other destinations, but isn't that embarrasing I've never been there?
    I would savour every minute of not freezing my little buns off and I would simply be in awe of all the learning to be had. (Maybe I would learn to pay closer attention at not clipping highlights… sigh.)

  26. Las Vegas, best people watching in the world!!!

  27. oooh, how exciting!!! i just got my first vision art album in this week- so thank you vision art for being awesome!

    my fave thing about Vegas is Paris- it's likely going to be as close as I'l ever get to my fave place on earth! Plus it's so clean and pretty!

  28. Hope you guys have an awesome trip! If I ever go to Vegas one of the first places I'd want to check out is the Neon Sign Museum, and then the pawn shop from "Pawn Stars" and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

  29. I really love Vegas, but as I've gotten "more mature", aka "old", my interests have definitely changed…..now I go for the amazing food and spa treatments! lol I love the spa at Mandalay Bay – and the steakhouse Craftsteak! yum….

  30. My favorite thing about Vegas is definitely people watching… from the tourists to the entertainers. The diversity is amazing!

  31. I haven't been to Vegas, but I'd head to the desert. All that vast, dry desertness… something about it seems kinda magical

  32. Another vote for the Bellagio fountain. Love how it is choreographed to music.

  33. How uber cool of a giveaway! And VV (Vegas virgins)?!?!? How insane!!! I love the amount of eating and shopping there. The outlet mall that's by the stratosphere is the best! Short cab ride away and lots to buy! I really enjoyed watching Ka (Cirque). Soak up the lifestyle there! It's one gimongous party the entire time where you don't feel tired till 4 am!

  34. My favorite thing about Vegas is Yogurtland. It is the best frozen yogurt I have ever had. My friends love WPPI and I would love to go too! Not to mention I have always wanted to meet the 2 of you!

  35. I've never been to Vegas and I am so excited! Bright lights, Big city baby! I hope to count how many little white chapels there for a shotgun wedding and hoping to win big at the slot machine. On a serious note, I'm excited to be at the convention and can't wait to see all of my favorite vendors!

  36. I like it at night walking around seeing all the lights. If I go to the WPPI it would be the only thing I would probably do outside of the vendor show and classes. Will come see you if I make it this year. Thanks

  37. 3 things make a great trip to Vegas – great food, fantastic wine and Red Rocks!
    I'd love an opportunity to attend the conference use some of what I have learned from your guys so far!

  38. I've never been to Vegas, but I would say the warm weather and the Bellagio. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Oh my gosh this contest is so amazing!! I have never been to Vegas but of course the best thing to do is get hitched! Okay kidding but as much as there are many attractions to go to there. I think the most amazing thing would would just be to walk around and experience the atmosphere there, as well as enjoy the food! There seems to be so much going on down there, just go downtown and soak it all in! and again as I obviously enjoy food try out a new restaurant. I hear Lotus of Siam is a great spot!

  40. Wow, great contest guys :). Favorite thing about Vegas – getting out of Vegas! Joking aside – the land surrounding a city always inspires me – so hit the road while you are there!

  41. I would love to win i have never been to WPPI so I don't have any tips but would love to report back on some if I win.

  42. Vegas by way of a Haiku:

    Walking down the Strip
    At WPPI
    Soaking it all in.

  43. *I LOVE Vegas!!…but I'm biased because I live here.;p I always tell my friends who come here for the first time is to go "hotel hopping" down the Strip. Bring some comfy shoes and walk the main strip and check out each hotel..they're HUGE and just awesome. There's also more than the strip in Vegas…if you have time check out Red Rock Canyon! Oh yeah bring a coat cause it's cold at night. Have fun!

  44. I love the amazing hotels! Paris! New york! MGM…just so neat to see! Would love to win..it would help my new business so much!!! Thank u!!

  45. Never been to Vegas but number one reason I would want to go is the photo opportunities. I would be taking pics non-stop I am sure! Obviously WPPI would be an incredibly amazing experience for me while I am trying to build my business. The weather would be a very welcome change from the below freezing blizzards here in MI. And I have had a horrible week losing a hard drive DURING back-up and losing 2 weddings and more so winning a trip would raise my spirits as well as take me somewhere to help be make my business and practices better!

  46. Three words: Krispy Kreme Donuts!
    Get ready to get your cheese on because Vegas is ALL about being cheesy and WAY over the top. The best people watching EVER.

  47. First of all have a great time. I would be so chuffed to bump into you and share a glass of carrot juice!
    Never been to Vegas but I would have to say my favorite thing is CSI. And buzzy chocolates my husband brings me every time he goes there. You will find them at the airport going back home, the shop is Ethel Chocolates something something and the margarita and mojito truffles are to die for!

  48. omg! I've never been to vegas, but if i ever do get to go, i would love to see the old neon sign boneyard (musuem!) it's where cool old neon signs go to their final rest! http://www.neonmuseum.org/

    Hope you have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear how WPPI was!!!!

  49. *You'll probably spend most of your time on the "Strip," BUT don't neglect the old downtown area. It's worth checking out too. It has a very different vibe.

    A lot of people talk about great food in Vegas, but I haven't been impressed. Food prices are different everywhere, so to put my comments in context, where I live, I can go out and spend around $80-120 on a very nice meal for two (sushi, steak, French cuisine, etc.). That gets me excellent food, a few drinks, and great service. In Vegas, that will get you great service and a very nice presentation, but food that isn’t anything special. So here are your options, as I see it: Buy modest meals, be satisfied, and save your fancy meals for back home, where you know what you’re getting. Spend what seems like a lot of money on a meal only to be disappointed. Or, spend outrageous money and….well, I don’t know. I refuse to do that. :) BTW, my opinion comes from several different experiences; not just one bad meal.

    I don't mean to be a downer. I just want to help you save some money. You'll have a blast!

    Vegas, baby!

  50. Oh my goodness I would love to win this and go to WPPI!! I went to Vegas when I was 17 and stayed at the mirage. It was awesome but also a little boring since you are not allowed to do much being 17 in Vegas! People watching would be epic!

  51. Donna Carter says:

    I have been to Vegas 4 times already but, this will be my first time at WPPI. One place everyone needs to see is "Old" Vegas. Their light show is amazing. 27 days and counting till I'm in VEGAS baby. :-)

  52. The best thing about Vegas is you will NEVER be bored no matter what time it is! The sites and the lights at night are great but the best is you will see the most "interesting" people wondering around!
    It would be amazing to attend WPPI – I'm just a beginner and have my first wedding later this year to photograph! Super nervous but excited at the same time. To have this experience under my belt would be amazing!

    Have a great time! You'll love it :)

  53. I'd love to be in Vegas to a) see
    the strip, b) live a little fancy free c) enjoy some balmy non-wool beanie weather!

    Any Canadians I see would be a bonus too!

  54. Another frozen Canuck! So I'll be satisfied just to see palm trees!!

  55. I've never been to Las Vegas but would LOVE to go! When my husband and I married I desperately wanted to elope there and be married by an Elvis impersonator!

  56. Melissa Remanda says:

    * I can't go, but whatever you do – wear comfortable shoes! You will not believe the amount of walking you do (everything is sooo far) and how much you will hate your life if your feet swell up to twice their usual size like my friend's did! And, as someone else mentioned, the Bellagio fountains were wonderful.

  57. My favorite part of Vegas are the hotels. They are amazing. The details that go into each of them is amazing. I love the people watching in Vegas. One of my favorite things to do and Vegas has the best people watching.

  58. I've never been to Vegas but I would love the warmer weather! I would just love to see the Vegas strip and go to WPPI :o)

  59. Jaime Profeta says:

    Being a fellow Canadian and the fact that it is -25 here right now, I would definitely be looking forward to the warm weather!!! That, and honestly WPPI itself excites me the most. I want to go so so so badly, but the only way I could convince DH to let me go is if I win my registration.

  60. oh my gosh I want to go to WPPI so badly. I have "do a photo shoot in the neon museum" on my life list, so that is a huuuuuuge must. hope to see you there!

  61. Wow that would be so awesome to go to Vegas and and go to WPPI.

    My favorite thing about Vegas is that it is a city that never sleeps, I'm such a night person, there's always something to do till the wee hours of the morning! I always have to check out ta Cirque Show and try out top restaurants, since I'm also a big foodie as well as intomphotography

  62. Elizabeth says:

    I have never been to Vegas or anywhere too exciting. I would love the chance to go WPPI and warmer weather. -41C with the wind chill in my home town.

  63. Hubby told me I'd have to win a free pass to be able to go…..oh please oh please oh please! :)

  64. I've never been to Vegas, but I have a feeling I would never stop shooting! What a great reason to go.

  65. Ok… so EVERY time I go to VEGAS (which is a lot by the way…) I HAVE to eat at America's in NYNY for breakfast. They have the most AMAZING eggs…They have fondly become know to my husband and I as "magic eggs" :) We also really enjoy Margaritaville.. and you really can't miss the Bellagio fountains!

  66. Jaymie Smith says:

    Hi you two! Las Vegas has so many amazing features. If you like dancing, there's endless clubs to go to. I have two the contact of two event promoters who can get you into the clubs for free! So far I've seen The Blue Man Group show and it was awesome! I hear that Cirque Du Solei is a must watch too. Just walking around The Venetian and the pools at The Palazzo is a day unto itself. For the naughty side, well…PM me and I'll give you my recommendations. *grin* Thank you and if I don't see you there, have a great time!

  67. My favorite thing about Vegas are the clubs. Some of the best in the world, with awesome resident DJs, pool side day time parties, etc. Electronic music!!!

  68. I have been to Vegas 3 times but every time it was for business! If I could spend some leisure time in Las Vegas my first stop would be Mandalay Bay's aquarium. I've heard the restaurant is amazing. I LOVE aquatic life! My husband wants to ride the rides at the top of the Stratosphere but I think I would just watch, thank you.

  69. I live in Las Vegas so I speak from vast experience. The best part of Vegas is the diversity it has to offer. There is literally something to do for everybody, the never boring always adventurous nightlife on the strip, hiking up at Red Rock Canyon, camping on Mt. Charleston, boating on Lake Mead, restaurants galore and the shopping possibilities are endless. Never a dull moment here :)

  70. Daniel Doan says:

    The shows are a must see! If it's still playing, go and see the Jersey Boys! It's an amazing story.

  71. I've been to Las Vegas once, but it was just to rock climb and camp at Red Rocks and I didn't shower for a week! In the distance I saw the lights shooting out the top of the Luxor from our campsite, and I listened to coyotes howl at night in the desert. This time I'd like to stay in a fancy hotel, drink ridiculous cocktails with umbrellas in it, meet fun people (you guys, perhaps??), learn some amazing stuff and take a shower…

  72. Never been to Vegas and I'm SUPER excited to go! I hear Cirque Du Soleil is a must!

  73. Seeing the fountains at Bellagio is a must see!

  74. My favourite thing about Vegas is: Going against everything I stand for and embracing it! At first I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness everywhere, but within minutes it had won me over.
    Within hours I was carrying a clear plastic football full of beer down the strip and dancing with a man in a zebra-print suit playing the saxophone. You just never know where your day is going to go!

  75. My favorite thing about Vegas is all the crazy/interesting/drunk/eclectic/diverse people that you get to see (stare at) while walking the strip. It's an experience you will be talking about when you get back home to Canada!

  76. Jumping off the top of the stratousphere hotel at night!! It's an insane free fall from the 107th floor (or something close to that) to the ground. INTENSE!!

  77. Kristen McCabe says:

    Any Cirque du Soleil show – so worth every penny!!

  78. Ari Nordhagen says:

    Fave thing about Vegas is the buffet at the Wynn. Best. Buffet. Ever. I would love to go to WPPI, and to Vegas, to enjoy not just the coolest photography convention in the world, but also the world class dining! :-)

  79. The Rio has an awesome seafood buffet, everything seafood! Hope to see everyone there.

  80. My favorite thing about Vegas is the weather!! We used to go every year around this time and it's always been a nice refresher from cold Idaho weather!

  81. I love the shopping in Vegas.

  82. I love to watch and capture all the people in Vegas. They are all so unique :).

  83. The lights, the lights, the lights – and the shadows

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