Post-Processing Guide

Upload from March 29, 2012

A digital photo isn’t finished once it is uploaded to your computer. It still needs some work to bring out it’s full potential, and that’s where post-processing comes in.

Post-processing (also known as editing) involves making adjustments to the image, with settings like exposure, white balance, and contrast, to enhance the look of the photo.

There are many programs out there to help you with your post-processing. After trying out a bunch, we found that Adobe Lightroom was our favourite – it lets you make powerful improvements quickly and easily. If you want to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom, you can check out our tutorial, Super Photo Editing Skills. It consists of videos that walk you through the program, and let you learn visually at your own pace!

We also have articles that can help you learn more about post-processing.

One really great way to learn more about post-processing is to see the before/after results. Here are some posts that will show you just that!


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