The “Guides”: Updated And Better Than Ever!


Last year, we introduced “Guides” – single-page resources that contain links to all of the articles and goodies on Photography Concentrate that relate to big topics, like marketing, lighting and workflow. They’re designed to help you dig into those topics quickly, saving you from having to sift through all of our articles to get what you need.

We’ve just finished updating the Guides, so that they’re easier to navigate and they contain all the latest posts and other resources that have appeared on Photography Concentrate over the last year. Woo!

If you’re new to the Guides, be sure to check them out – they’re your fastest way to access tons of information on a focused topic. And if you’ve already seen the Guides, give the updated versions another look. The new links and organization should make them handier than ever!

You can find the Guides on the righthand side of your screen or by clicking the links below.

The Guides


Gear, Software, and Other Products

Subject Interaction



Workflow & Productivity


Happy reading!

Stephanie Simpson

Hi, I'm Stephanie! I'm a ninja-in-training here at Photography Concentrate. I've just started getting serious about shooting, and am excited to learn more. I'm interested in food and travel photography, cooking and exploring!

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